February 6, 2012


A flurry of wintry powder covered Amsterdam on Friday and left behind a cozy winter wonderland. Mmmmm snow! But it was even better waking up the next morning to blue skies and a freshly blanketed (and cold!) European city to explore. Christian and I grabbed a Starbucks and headed West! All of Amsterdam is beautiful but especially the Jordaan district always seems to cast a spell...and its the perfect place to lounge next to a quiet canal on a summer day (fingers-crossed for no rain this summer...pretty please?). Christian had to run off early and attend to some business-ish while I continued wandering around the canals. I am a Cali chick afterall--snow is mysterious to me! :) Me and a couple of friends battled the cold and visited Vondelpark, the Central Park of Amsterdam. The entire park looked like a Norman Rockwell painting: people skating, walking and sledding around on the frozen lake, greeting each other with laughter and smiles and all-around good cheer in the air. We couldn't help but take a walk on the lake ourselves. It's not every day ya get to walk under a bridge...I'm just crossing my fingers so I can walk ON the canals one of these days!
(*as I write this, my computer says its currently -8 right now...ah geeez)


Jenna said...

Yep, definitely magical :)

That photo of the bride and groom is so sweet, what an incredible day to get married!


Nikol Schiller said...

Just found your blog and am so stoked to follow it! Gorgeous pictures! I'm a SoCal girl too, recently turned Texan. :) happy travels! Looking forward to more great posts!


Amy @ My Life and Other Nonsense said...

I'm new to your blog and I think it's great! I love your design and the pictures are great.

Rachael said...

Jenna: I know, right?! They picked quite a beautiful day to get married in this often rainy country! Blue skies and white snow :)

Nikol: Thanks for spreading the cali love! Very cool that you're in Texas, have only been to the airport, but have heard great things about Texas BBQ and Austin!

Amy: thanks for following along!! I'm gonna go sneak around yours riiiight now ;)

Unknown said...

Ahhhhh! When I was in Amsterdam in 2010, I hung out in Vondelpark every.single.day. My hostel was on one end of it (just outside of course) so I would walk (or go jogging!) through it as an alternative to walking on the street. I made so many friends there just by sitting on the grass! Seriously one of my best memories of the netherlands. It was summer then, haha :)

Just found your blog, definitely a fan! I write about adventures too :) Should we be friends?!

<3 Daryl

Rachael said...

Hey Daryl! I know exactly which hostel you're talkin about...and Vondelpark is basically my 2nd home during the summer months...such a cool place to chill out under the sun and you're right! It's a great place to meet people too!! If you ever make your way back to Amsterdam again and wanna hang out in Vondelpark, you know who to contact :). Consider us friended! Woot woot!