June 4, 2012

Happy 4th Year Anniversary to Us & Amsterdam!

Hope you had a great weekend everyone! I spent a couple of days in London with a great friend of mine from California with the sound of our own laughter filling the pubs and streets we frequented (favorite pub name we saw: "The Slug & Lettuce" haha!).

Today is a special one though…on this day 4 years ago, I said my goodbyes to friends and family and grabbed my passport, my sense of adventure and a one-way ticket straight to Amsterdam. I was fresh out of college, on the verge of beginning Grad school in Amsterdam and reuniting with that handsome Dutch guy I met in Finland a year earlier. Yep! It’s been FOUR YEARS since I moved to my favorite city and since Christian and I moved into our cozy Amsterdam apartment (we have since added a cat and an obscene amount of travel pics to that apartment too).

I never thought I could love Amsterdam more than I did then, but I love Amsterdam more than ever before. Celebrations are in order!

Here are some of my favorite Amsterdam photos from over the years…and those canals still get me every damn time!


{I love this picture. It was taken on a beautiful summer night at a canal-side pub to celebrate the first night in our apartment!}
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{Amsterdam summer nights are my FAVORITE! Well maybe tied with summer nights in California :)}
{A fine August afternoon when we picked up Christian's boat. Result? 45-minute downpour during it's maiden voyage...home sweet holland, right?}
{Sitting on the canal with friends...definitely my favorite Amsterdam pastime!}
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{Fall has come and Christian's cleaning the leaves out of his boat!}
{Jack's first snow :)}
{Walking on frozen water and climbing on bridges in Vondelpark}
{Walking on the canals!!!!}


Unknown said...

Love it, such great photos! Congrats on your anniversary with Amsterdam, and your life over there!

Gesci said...

You've got some great images! Happy Anniversary; here's to many more!

Rachael said...

Wahoo! We can celebrate it when u guys get here for the canal boat!

Rachael said...

Thanks gesci! I can never get over the beauty of this city ;)

Allie said...

Amsterdam looks beautiful with all those canals! And the summer nights do look amazing! Happy anniversary to you in a gorgeous city with your man :)

Jay said...

Gorgeous photos!

I simply must visit Amsterdam!

Anonymous said...

happy anniversary! i love looking at your photos, absolutely gorgeous! is there anywhere in europe that you haven't been to but have been dying to?

Danielle Nelson said...

Oh my goodness, I don't think you understand how inspring your posts always are for me. It makes me want to get up and go so badly. And in the mean time... buy a really nice camera. Happy Anniversary :)

xo Danielle
A Little Bit Adrift

Rachael said...

Thanks everyone :).

Lostintravels: I'm dying to go everywhere! And that includes revisiting Greece because it's so gorgeous :). Some places I have yet to go in Europe where I would LOVE to go is Iceland and Croatia..fortunately we'll be gracing the coast of Croatia in a few weeks and have plans for Iceland next year! :)

Danielle: just go for it girl!! :) I'm here for wanderlust/expat support if ya need it!

A and B said...

This is a fantastic post. Your photos of Amsterdam are amazing and it makes me want to be drinking wine on a little boat down the canals!

Skip to Malou said...

Great post, you really captured Amsterdam for what it is; colourful, vibrant, quaint and 'gezellig'! :)

Taylor said...

Una Bella cittá!!!