July 2, 2012

My Best Friends in Amsterdam Part 2

 Smitty and I were so extremely excited when we hopped on the train to fetch Julia from the airport. Peering through the glass at the baggage claim, then crikey! We spotted her! And before we knew it our lil trio was reunited :).

Gossip ensued.
Chilling out to the music in Oosterpark at the Amsterdam Roots Festival (which is FREE by the way!)
Drinking on the terrace at Sound Garden.
Making furry friends with the bar cat at The Zotte.
Biking thru Vondelpark.

…and it’s hard to believe that we were still able to do all of this while I had to work during the day. Yaaaa I didn’t sleep very much last summer ;).

Catch up with Part 1 HERE!
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Jenna said...

Looks like such a blast! I always hate it so much when people are out and I have to work - I always feel like I'm missing out on the fun during the day. Looks like you made the most of it though :)


kim @ a positive peace said...

so fun!! i can't believe that you were able to get both your besties to amsterdam with you!! memories of a lifetime i'm sure!! :)

Jeanelle said...

This makes me SMILE :) You look like youre having such a great time Rachael!!! Enjoy every moment.. you deserve it xxx

Unknown said...

I've been to Amsterdam and found it the least interesting European city, but these pictures makes me wanna take a second look next time I'm near.

Taylor said...

Obsessed with your blog, it's lovely!!!
Amsterdam must be such a delightful place. So pretty.

Sara Louise said...

Having friends visit is the BEST! I love showing off my little village, introducing them to my life here, catching up on all the gossip and chatting for hours... in English! :)