September 16, 2012


I loved this post from Ashley about her first and last pic of her and her hubby. It was good timing because this weekend I started throwing together the wedding website for Christian and I. Basically I was thrown into full-on reminiscence.

So here's ours! Our first and last pics. 

{January 2007. Finland.}
This was the first pic we ever took together and was taken just after all of us exchange students arrived for our semester in Lappeenranta, Finland! We grabbed a beer after orientation and I instantly became friends with the Dutch students...Christian was one of them ;). And sat right next to me! This was the first week of 6 unforgettable months with friends I met from all over the world.

{August 2012. Amsterdam.}
My friend Liz snapped some amazing engagement pics for us around Amsterdam a few weeks ago--I'm in love with them! It's crazy to look back to when we met in Finland and think about the great life Christian and I have had together so far and look forward to everything that happens next :).

End sappiness. Hope you had a great weekend!


kim @ a positive peace said...

love this post!!!

i LOVE the engagement picture!! could the light be any more perfect :)

good luck with the wedding website!!

Jay said...


I'm trying to think of our first picture but unfortunately, I think it probably happened on a film camera and I don't have it on my computer :-)

Ash said...

oh, i love these!!! so glad you decided to share yours (:

soo... i was thinking of maybe making it a link up? but with different topics? first.. concert? food you ate this week? etc...

what do you think?

Unknown said...

that's a cool flashback! :)
and the second picture looks so great!
have a nice week,

Taylor said...

Aw, soooo cute!!!! I love stories like this.

stefanie hurtado said...

so adorable!!!

you both look great in both pictures... but that second one just tugs at my heart strings. you two are clearly so in love! :)