November 6, 2012

Fall in Westerpark

My oh my...Amsterdam sure is a feast for the eyes this time of year! I've officially decided that it's Fall that is my favorite part of the year in Amsterdam. The leaves turn all sorts of Autumn-esque hues, the city is relatively quiet after a summer filled with tourists and the temps waver between a lukewarm post-summer wind or a pre-winter chill. 

Christian and I took a stroll through the blankets of fallen leaves in Westerpark last weekend...check it out!

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Jenna said...

So pretty! I've always dreamed of living somewhere where the leaves turn colours :)


Laura said...

Hehehee! We had snow here some days ago, but now the weather has turned back into autumn-ish.. then again, who knows, maybe tomorrow I'll wake up into a Winter Wonderland, again!

Peacocks And Paisleys said...

Love autumn and those leaves , nature has many more shades of orange than a color box can contain :)