July 31, 2013

Icelandic Roadtrip Part 1

Well hello there! I've been on a little unplanned break from blogging in case you hadn't noticed. Life, traveling and warm summer days basically took over and any attempt to write a blog post always got pushed to the side. 

So what have we been up to? London with my mom, camping in the Netherlands and, most recently, we saw two friends from our study abroad days in Finland tie the knot in Poland!

Perhaps one of the most exciting things we've done lately was an epic 10-day roadtrip around Iceland!! Together with our favorite travelin' couple Denis and Emma, we planned this trip over 9 months ago. So when the day finally came to hop onboard Iceland Air, it really didn't hit us until we set foot in Reyjavik just in time to celebrate the summer solstice.

I can't even begin to tell you how absolutely incredible Iceland was. Given the last year, traveling around Iceland was a sweet reminder of how beautiful the world is--and how beautiful life can be too. 

After a couple days in Reykjavik, our roadtrip officially began. We headed down south to the waterfalls and black beaches near Vik to the famous iceberg lagoon (couldn't try to spell it if I tried) to the lava-scapes in between. On day 1, Denis led us on a hike through green hills, steamy mountainsides, bubbling sulfur ponds and we even got to lounge in a heated river! It was magical. And by the time we retreated to our cottage for the evening, we were still asking ourselves: did we just swim in a heated river?! 

Why yes we did :).

Be prepared for some absolutely breathtaking pics of Iceland coming up and soon, Christian and I will have a huge announcement...travel-related ofcourse!




Jenna said...

Wow, Rachel! These photos are breathtaking :) Your instagrams already had me wanderlusting over Iceland and now I'm obsessed with the idea of planning a trip there. It looks like a painting :)

ps I also want to email you about the possibility of a guest post at some stage... it has to do with your surprise travel-related news ;)

Unknown said...


I am travelling to Iceland in November and am planning a 7-9 days road trip! I was wondering if you could send me your itnerary for the trip! Your pictures are so nice!!