August 16, 2013

Video: Our trip to Iceland

Thanks to everyone for all of the tips and words of encouragement following our big announcement last week! Here and here in case you missed it ;). 

You may have noticed a few updates on this little blog of ours to prepare for all of our big changes and travel plans coming up, too. 

But today, after many nights of hard work from Christian, I am happy to share this amazing video Christian created from our Icelandic road trip

Starring Christian, our favorite travel buddies Denis and Emma and yours truly, this movie was shot with our fancy-schmancy Go Pro camera (highly recommended).

We will most definitely be shooting Go Pro footage all over Asia, too.



Georgia said...

you've inspired me- I officially want to go explore Iceland!

Jay said...

Great video!

I love travel videos but haven't yet made any. I'm the photographer and I can't seem to remember to take video and it's not really Joe's thing. Oh to have a personal videographer ;-)

Taylor said...

congratulations on your big announcement AND your awesome video. it is pretty awesome :) iceland looks stunning.

petal and plume said...

exquisitely beautiful! i have fallen in love with your blog!

mrs.creamy said...

most EXCELLENT!!! bring the GoPro to the bachelorette :)

Lily said...

Rachy, this video is awesome, what a cool adventure!

lauren | eyes/ears/mouth+lens said...

I LOVE this Rachael, looks like you all had such a great time!!