October 18, 2013

Weekend in Portland

Wow it’s hard to believe that it’s been 2 weeks since I left Amsterdam! With catching up with friends, hanging out with my family, my bachelorette party and spending the last weekend in Portland, Oregon, these last 2 weeks have been pretty busy! But more on my sweet Cali bachelorette party later ;).

Last weekend I spent a few days in Portland visiting my best friend’s dad. It was a bittersweet weekend which was spent sharing our favorite photos, talking and laughing about funny moments with Julia and exploring waterfalls decorated with colors of the autumn. I can’t believe it’s been 6 months since she passed away but I knew I wanted to pay her dad a visit as soon as I was back in town.

I never knew just how amazingly beautiful Oregon is! And Portland…oh man…don’t get me started. What a cute city…and everyone is just so damn friendly and happy! I spent several hours sipping on Portland’s famous Stumptown coffee at cozy coffeehouses while I trip-planned, wedding-planned, life-planned and just enjoyed the fact that I had no where in particular to be except in that café sipping on some java. As an extra special treat, I joined my Amsterdam friends, Liz and Carly, for dinner at Oven & Shaker. I’ll be seeing them (very!) soon at our Mexico wedding in just TWO WEEKS! EEEEP!


Unknown said...

Isn't Oregon wonderful!!!! I love living in Portland... such a fantastic place to call home!

Georgia said...

Multnomah falls is gorgeous...I kind of want to move to Oregon after looking at your pics!

Niken said...

i'm sorry for your lost. really. i read the story you wrote about you and julia, and it's such a sweet special relationship you have with her.

the view is so gorgeous. that waterfall....just amazing view

Unknown said...

oh Portland, I love thee :)

Holly Copeland said...

Glad you enjoyed your trip to Portland - I'm so lucky to call this place home :)

Kristina said...

Thats looks stunning! I am so sad that I never took the chance to visit the PNW when I lived in CA. But, there will be another chance for sure! I am glad you got time to spend with Julias dad - I am sure it meant the world to him as well!! x