December 27, 2013

Lush and Green Ubud, Bali

We hope you are all enjoying the holiday season! It's a bit weird to be in a tropical place and away from our families this doesn't quite feel like Christmas without a bunch of tipsy family members and green bean casserole in my opinion ;). On the other hand, we are enjoying spending our first official Christmas as husband and wife laying out in the sun, swimming in the sea and zipping through the Thai jungle by motorbike.

A few weeks ago we had our 'honeymoon week' in Bali (cliche right? But the villas are soooo affordable and beautiful!) and Christian booked us a cheap, amazing Balinese villa. For this week, we enjoyed not being backpackers.

More on the villa later. Ubud, the cultural capital of Bali, is almost always every visitor's highlight on the island. It was our highlight, too! Lush jungle, hidden temples, rice fields with rainbows of green, coffee plantations and monkeys. Ooooh the monkeys, I can't wait to share that story. 

We were lucky enough to snag a cab driver/tour guide for a full 10-hour day exploring the areas around Ubud--all for only about $50! 

I'll let the pictures do the talking this time...
{Delicious Nasi Campur dish at Cafe Wayan in Ubud--best food we had all week! Besides Taco Beach Grille in Seminyak...I'm a sucker for carne asada and it was so good)


Jay said...

Oh my goodness, those photos of food have my stomach growling. It looks delicious!

Niken said...

haha, the monkeys, yes. i can imagine. the male monkeys are like 'oh, i thought you're my wife!' to female monkeys every 2 minutes.

i forgot to tell you about Ayung river in Mambal. my bad.

Taylor said...

oh that looks delicious, that last dish. <3 i am so happy you're enjoying yourself!! you look so beautiful.