January 8, 2014

The most pristine island in Thailand: Koh Kradan

Before we set foot in beautiful Koh Lipe, we thought it would be best to do some koh hoppin'. So we decided to head up to Koh Lanta for Christmas...even though we could have hung out in Koh Lipe basically forever. 

We had a couple days between Koh Lipe and Koh Lanta in case we wanted to stop along the way. After we saw how touristy Bali was and heard the the holiday season was crazy peak season in the Thai islands, I googled "best non-touristy Thai islands" and that's how I found Koh Kradan. 

I saw one photo of the beautiful clear water and was hooked on the idea of stopping in Koh Kradan en route to Koh Lanta. So we did. And it was beautiful. A shallow beach (you can walk out to the reefs when the tide is low!) and limestone rocks and cliffs in the distance.

This island was very remote...only a handful of beach bungalows were on the island but the entire beach was riddled with hammocks and swings. It was nice to see a place with nearly no tourists. And the beach out front was INCREDIBLE!

We wouldn't want to stay here for more than a couple days just because it's so remote but it's a great place to stop for a night along the Thai coastline.
{I walked through the reef...as in the water was just below my knee and spotted a huge pufferfish swimming nearby! See him?}
{Hangin' out in our $40/night very, very basic beach bungalow. Downfall of remote islands? High prices and few options. But we really enjoyed the view!}
{Our view while waiting for our delayed ferry to Koh Lanta...it was delayed over 2 hours! But with this beach to wait on...we were okay with it ;) Then I did a pre-Christmas Facetime session with my family from a hammock...so neat!}


BlogDaz said...

What a find, it sounds like heaven on earth, apart from the prices.

Unknown said...

No tourists and have Wi-Fi?! Awesome!

Niken said...

oh man! such a treasure to find! no tourist and wi-fi? winner. and the water is so clear.

Annie said...

Koh Kradan looks absolutely beautiful!