May 7, 2014

Street scenes around Tokyo

No trip to Japan can be complete without a trip to Tokyo! It's amazing how such a bustling city can have the most polite people...I mean even the taxi drivers are polite! Standing near Shibuya crossing and you'd think you would hear the usual city sounds like taxi horns and such...nope! Practically not a sound....

Tokyo was alive and colorful at night, which is when I enjoyed Tokyo most.

Some of the places we were able to tick off our list during our few days in Tokyo: 
*Shibuya crosswalk - it really is amazing to see!!
*Harajuku - I couldn't leave without doing a little bit of shopping Japanese-style ;)
*More and more arcade halls for our little-boys-at-heart Christian and Ross - ok we played too
*Yebisu - Japanese beer brewery
*Lots of spicy Ramen
*Akihibara "Electric" City - really cool neighborhood, especially for the technie nerds ;)
*Aaaaand karaoke...because what else should we do at 2AM after a night out near Shibuya?


Jenna said...

Ha! LOVE the karaoke pics! Christian is totally jamming. I really loved Tokyo when I was there - it was one of those cities where you think "I wouldn't mind spending a few years here"


Anonymous said...

I am *dying* to go to Tokyo! From your photos, it looks like it has such an amazing energy.