June 15, 2014

Sweet Home California

Hello there! It seems like just yesterday that we stepped off the plane from Amsterdam to California...but it wasn't, it's been over a month since we officially made the move to California. During our long trip across the pond we couldn't believe that our 6 month adventure was officially over. But we had to concentrate on a whole other chapter of our lives that is starting: life in California.

So what have we been up to for the past month?

Winding down from our trip...

Spending lots of time with family and friends...

Trips to the beach...

A trip to Alaska!!!! (more on that later)

Going back and forth to San Francisco...

Job-hunting...job-hunting...job-hunting...lots of job-hunting

...and guess what, after a few weeks of interviews, Christian landed an awesome job right in the heart of San Francisco :). #proudwiferighthere :)!!

In the next couple of weeks we will pack up yet again, rent some Airbnbs for the summer, I will continue my job hunt and eventually we will apartment hunt too. We are looking forward to some mini trips around California, a few more So Cal beach trips, ofcourse watching the Dutch team dominate in the World Cup and tons of new adventures waiting for us up in San Francisco.

 For now take a look at our first few days back in the good ol' USA, in Northern California.

And stay tuned...I'm working on a big recap post of our 6 month trip!! 

{Cruising Shasta Lake}
{Burney Falls}


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