March 31, 2012

Snippets from a Little Piece o’ Heaven

::Siiiigh:: My two weeks of spelunkling around California has come to an end…and I don’t want to leave…repeat, I DON’T WANT TO LEAVE! Every time I return for a visit, the phrase "I can't believe I come from such a beautiful part of the world" echos endlessly in my mind. The last 2 weeks went by so fast, as they always do. Mostly I spent the time laughing and lounging with my best friends—going on hikes, street festivals, the beach, watching plenty of those colorful Cali sunsets and managed to escape to a boutique with my mom, sister, twin sister and best friends to try on wedding dresses!! I bought one too ;).
Here are a few iPhone pics I thought I’d share before I depart for Amsterdam tomorrow and I’ll be immediately unpacking and repacking because I’m off to Sweden on Monday for my first business trip :)! Let’s hope my jetlag isn’t too hard on me! Fortunately I’ve got Christian and our favorite little Dutch cat waiting at home for me…although I wish I was staying in Cali longer, I’m equally as excited to give Christian tons of kusjes and a very big I-missed-you hug!

{Strolling through downtown LA meant we got a sneak peak at the filming of New Girl!}
photo (11)
photo (12)photo (8){Wedding dress posse!}
photo (13){Some of the beauties I tried on!}photo (10){Sunset hike}photo (18){Mmmmm…Laguna!}photo (1)
photo (16){Happy feet :)}photo (6)
photo (2)
photo (14)photo (5)
photo (7)


Anonymous said...

well i know that im glad to have you back in amsterdam...but happy to hear you enjoyed your time at home, and ah hem...found your wedding dress! how excited!

have an awesome time in Sweden, excited to catch up during our next post-work drinks sesh.

Unknown said...

your blog is adorable! so happy i happened upon it. I LOVE your header. so cute. Glad you enjoyed california in it's entirety. Love your wedding gown selections- I'm excited to see which one you choose. xo!

B. Jarosz said...

Just found this via Life Of Something New... Lovely posts! (This one in particular made me nostalgic for my former home - California!) :)

Allie @ Between Dreams said...

That last picture is PHENOMENAL!

Glad I stumbled upon your blog :)

Sacha♥ said...

so gorgeous pictures

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Good Luck


Sacha♥ said...
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