March 9, 2012

Movie Madness!

There’s something you don’t know about me—I LOVE movies. I’ve been a big movie fan ever since I can remember when my twin and I would watch movies such as Milo & Otis, The Brave Little Toaster, Jaws (c’mon TBS had Jaws playing all the time!) and ofcourse the entire Disney collection over and over. But it was in a college World Film class that I really developed the need to love all types of movies—the Hollywood ones, the foreign ones, the unknown ones, the film festival ones and yes, even the really really f*cked up ones.
I’m joining Ellen at Company of Clever again today for her Friday List Link-up! I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite movies, those movies that I could watch over and over again. I love LOTS of movies and the list keeps growing (got any recommendations??), but for now, check these out! Warning: this is a really broad range of amazing flicks--in no particular order--and some are definitely not for everyone! I have a strange taste in movies I must say. Click on the movie posters for the trailer!
Company of Clever
Enjoy the show…!

1. Finding Nemo – or as we call it ‘Finding Neems’ is an all-time favorite between me and my best friends Smitty + Ink. We shout out one-liners such as ‘What’s a mollusk?’ and ‘Awwww you made you ink!’ sometimes non-stop in a day and never get sick of it. Dory, Crush the turtle, Sharks trying to kick the fish-eating habit, to name a few are too cute. Who wouldn’t love watching Marlin the Clownfish darting off to P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way Sydney to rescue lil Nemo? And remember…fish are friends, not food!
2. How to Train your Dragon – I LOVE this movie. The cleverness of the story of a colony of Vikings fending off dragons with ofcourse one of its own lil warriors vowing to protect one of ‘em—Toothless! Toothless the Night Fury is adorable, I may have watched the movie and after a few minutes of silence said to Christian ‘…I want a dragon!’ The ending is so so so sweet and cute lil Toothless reminds me of my black cat Migs (awww RIP). I’ve never met someone who DIDN’T love this movie! It’s definitely a feel good movie :).
3. Up – After the heart-wrenching first 20 minutes, the entire movie symbolizes what I live for—ADVENTURE! There are too many hilarious aspects of the movie that will leave a smile on your face: Russel the boyscout’s naivety and just trying to get those damn boyscout badges, Dug the talking golden retriever, Kevin the female bird and Mr. Frederiksen make a perfect pack of explorers venturing to Paradise Falls (based on Angel Falls, Venezuela!) in a house attached to a bazillion balloons. I won’t say what it is to avoid spoiler alerts but the message of the movie is pretty powerful too. And I’ve already let Christian know numerous times that I’m dying to have an ‘Our Adventure Book’ :).
4. Requiem for a Dream – this is one of my favorite movies of all time. I think the best types of movies are ones that stick with you long after the movie is over—this was the first one that had that effect on me. It’s a very raw, real yet artistic take on the lives of addicts living in Coney Island(?), New York. The acting is great, the scenes are powerful and, I won’t lie, it’s definitely shocking. Most people I talk to about this movie don’t like it…it’s a really heavy film but it’s amazing.
5. The Shawshank Redemption – This is probably the first movie that became a favorite of mine. When I was younger and supposed to be in bed, my mom was watching this downstairs and I was sneakily sitting on the stairs watching it too and she didn’t know :). Since then I’ve watched it COUNTLESS times. I don’t think a synopsis is necessary since it’s rated #1 on IMDB’s list of the Top 250 movies (that should say enough about how wonderful Shawshank is) so plenty of you are also probably big fans! If you haven’t seen it, take my (and IMDB’s!) word for it, and go rent it right this second!
6. The Fountain – This movie mesmerized me. It takes place in 3 different eras of time with the same couple-Rachel Weisz and Hugh Jackman (the brief bathtub scene is pretty hot!)-transcending time and trying to find the Tree of Life. It’s one of those that ya need to watch 2-3 times to really understand it fully and it’s devastating but at the end, it gives optimism. The music, switching between eras (16th century Spain, present day and the future), and beauty of the scenes themselves and the creativity of tying each era and scene together captivated me and I think I sat in the same exact position (nearly hypnotized!) throughout the entire movie staring in wonderment.
7. Forrest Gump – ok c’mon, who doesn’t love Forrest? And Bubba? and Jenny? It’s no secret that Tom Hanks is a damn good actor and Tom as Forrest Gump first in Alabama, then in ‘nam, next as a ping pong star then an across-the-country runner and a father/husband is an amazing story. And the one-liners in this movie are classic! Life is like a box of chocolates, ya know ever know you’re gonna get :)
8. The Goonies – BLAST FROM THE PAST alert! A group of youngsters venturing to find hidden treasure and a sunken ship while trying to evade booby-traps and underground passageways will bring out the adventurer in anyone.
9 and 10. Ace Venture Pet Detective (#1) & When Nature Calls (#2) – The escapades of Ace Venture Pet Detective trying to find a missing dolphin (1) and albino bat (2) never fails to put a smile on my face. My older sis took me to see this movie when it came out and I think it was the first time I laughed so hard at a movie that tears flowed down my cheeks. Over ten years later, we still don’t get sick of saying ‘Bumblebee tuna’. Then the 2nd one came along and “Shacaca!’ and “excuse me your balls are showing’ make for the best ice-breakers in an awkward situation or just in the middle of a conversation in general. And yes I did bust out some Ace one-liners at my twin sister’s wedding just before she walked down when she needed a bit of comic relief!
ace 1ace 2
11. The Notebook – I love this movie AND the book so much! Before the movie, I read the entire book on a flight from LA to NYC when I was 17 and my sister was trying to mask my endless sobs from the whole plane (“Yes she’s ok, it’s just a really good book”…’Rachael, shut up! Everyone is staring!’). Many movies fail to live up to the book but Ryan Gosling as Noah Calhoun and Rachel McAdams as Allie as two lovers during a summer fling lasting a lifetime is quite possibly the best love story-turned-movie ever. Oh and Ryan’s HOT…me and my BFF Ink saw him at California Pizza Kitchen at Los Angeles Airport just before the movie came out and after we said hi to him and said we couldn’t wait for the movie HE SAID HI BACK TO US AND SMILED…I REPEAT, HE SAID HI BACK TO US!
12. Dear Zachary – you WILL need a box of tissues for this excellent documentary, actually make that TWO boxes of tissues. This covers the appalling story of Dr. Andrew Bagby who was tragically murdered by his ex-girlfriend (also a doctor) filmed thru the eyes of Andrew’s best friend who is also a filmmaker. What started out as funny but heart-breaking interviews from all of Andrew’s friends and family to remember their long-list friend turned into a movie to be presented to the son Andrew would never meet—Zachary (psycho murderer ex-girlfriend found out she was pregnant). I laughed, I bawled my eyes out, I sympathized and then was completely horrified with events later in the documentary—HORRIFIED! Watch it. Then watch it again because as soon as I watched it the first time, I started it over…yep twice in one night. Then again the next night ;).
13. War Photographer – my friend Fred sent me the link for this movie (which you can watch for free here) with only a few words: ‘you gotta watch this.’ The documentary follows award-winning war photographer James Nachtwey throughout his photographic treks in post-war Kosovo, the West Bank, and warring Indonesia, to name a few. With all of this sorrow, suffering and danger this man witnesses and risks his life for, you wonder how he could keep doing it and not have a permanently broken heart. His pictures are breath-taking and his strength to withstand these sorrow-ridden parts of the world is impressive. The hunger camp in Africa is indescribable.
14. Drive – my friend Smitty said it best: Drive is very much a movie from our generation. Artistic, musical, and there’s something about it that seems new but 80’s at the same time. Ryan Gosling (again!) is a stunt driver by day and getaway driver by night until he gets involved in some bad ish. Now he just wants to protect the girl so he’s gotta do what he’s gotta do! And he’s so badass at it! It’s more violent than I expected, not one of my ultimate favorites but I definitely enjoyed it.
15. The Artist – Oscar Winner 2012 hollaaaa’! And very rightfully so…this movie is magnificent! And I really want to go see it again. I hadn’t even seen the movie trailer for this French movie when I went to see it…that was a funny discovery—it’s a silent movie!! A so simple, so emotional, so magical, so beautiful glimpse at the life of silent film star George Valentin during the 1920’s. It’s a totally different experience to watch a movie without words and it brings a whole new appreciation for watching a ‘moving picture’ :). Definitely adding this to my favorites list and gets me thinkin’ who needs the hoopla from all modern movies! Not only talented actors, but also a very talented lil doggie :)

OK…now your turn, what are your favorities? And I’m always taking recommendations! :)
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Jenna said...

This list has so many movies that I've seen (and loved), so many that I've been meaning to see, and some that I've never even heard of! I definitely need to check out the documentaries you've listed... I'm a sucker for documentaries and foreign films :)

Shawshank is also one of my all time faves!


Niken said...

i'm a movie addict too. and see how now iam a film-maker haha. i still love to watch animantion, beside all that you've mentioned above i also love Ratatouille, Gnome and Juliet.

For drama i love The Holiday, Flipped, The Lovely Bones,

and of course i'm madly in love with Lord of The Ring Trilogy.

and there are many many many more

Unknown said...

Oh we should be friends! I love almost all those movies, including The Brave Little Toaster. You should watch Midnight in Paris, definitely my favorite these days. Maybe because I just moved to Paris but either way it's a great film! Shawshank, Goonies, How to Train your Dragon...all some of the best!

Rachael said...

Jenna - Shawshank is amazing isnt it? Christian said he hadn't seen it and I couldn't believe my ears!!! I'm totally with ya on documentaries and foreign should check out the french movie Angel-A! And you must watch Dear's filled with so much love and sorrow at the same time!

Nikskie - awww I've heard great things about Ratatouille!! I need to watch that one. Lord of the Rings is awesome too! I'm a sucker for Harry Potter also ;)

Brittany - if it wasn't for one of my friends posting a picture of 'blankey' on Facebook a few months ago, I would have almost forgotten about the Brave Little Toaster altogether! Shame on me :). I LOVED Midnight in Paris too...I could post all day long about movies...:)

Anonymous said...

omg, this is so great. we are always looking for movies to download & watch. i have seen most {i am proud!}, so definitely looking forward to checking out the ones i haven't. {and overly excited for the animated one, How To Train Your Dragon.}

I haven't seen the documentaries you listed, and i may or may not be downloading the torrents right now...

lastly, GOONIES. that's all.

Alex, Speaking Denglish said...

I am so glad someone else appreciates the brilliance of Ace Ventura as much as I do, I quote Pet Detective daily.