January 13, 2012

My Twin Sister's Wedding

Tomorrow, me and my twin sis will be singing happy birthday to each other while we live 5000 miles apart (her in San Diego, CA, me in Amsterdam). So given that we’ll be another year older, another year wiser AND my wedding planning will be underway soon, I couldn’t think of a better time to post about Julie + Mike’s wedding. The fact that I was the maid of honor (a title bestowed upon me since the womb) and lived overseas provided some obstacles with me helping Twinnie plan. But Julie (aka Twinnie) has always been cut out to plan a wedding—any wedding—she had all the planning in the pocket. Fortunately, endless emails and webcam sessions meant I could still give my two-cents when she needed it (actually I got to see her via webcam in her wedding dress when she chose her dress at the shop! Pretty neat!). So really my only task was to plan one epic bachelorette party (and I did! Muahaha!). After Christian and I had a 4 day stint in NYC, we flew to Cali and the wedding week commenced. The wedding day ended just as quickly as it started but it was most definitely one to remember.

The wedding was at the Oak Canyon Nature Center, a pretty outdoor venue with trees providing extra shade in the warm August sun with rays of light peaking through the branches. I couldn’t believe Twinnie was getting married!!! So ofcourse emotions and happiness were running on high. What a joy to be able to not only stand alongside Twinnie on the best day of her life, her bridesmaids who had also been close friends of mine for years but to also peer into the crowd to see all of our most loved friends and family. The vendors did an amazing job of bringing the event together: Yantz Photography snapped the pics, Lucille’s Smokehouse provided the BBQ-style catering, my friend Eddie and his wife served as bartenders for the night and my friend Smitty (she’s a jack-of-all-trades) baked 200 cookies to double as attachments to the escort cards + baked dozens of delicious cupcakes in place of a wedding cake. Months earlier, my mom and I even picked up a mini bride and groom from a small shop in Venice to sit on top of the highest cupcake on the cupcake tower! Oh and let’s not forget that I delivered one hell of a maid of honor speech! Ofcourse the entire wedding party and then some kept the party going into the early morning hours (Mike’s groomsmen are frat boys, need I say more?).

I’ll not only say congrats to Twinnie + Mike again, but now it’s the first time I can say Happy Birthday, Mrs. Cremata! Oh and you’re planning MY wedding too FYI...hop on it! ;)

 {weirdo twin pic...me 'n twinnie are twins, her husband has a twin, our older brother and sister are twins...oh and christian has a twin...WEIRD!}
 {all of our siblings -1}


m_b said...

i love the yellow! what an adorable wedding!

Gaby said...

wow, i can't believe how many twins are in your family! and what stunning wedding pics :)

Maia Dobson said...

This is a very lovely wedding. It made me reminisce my own wedding last year. The Long Island country club was filled with guests and close friends and relatives. It was such a lovely moment.