January 28, 2012

New York, I really, really Love you!

Our next two days in The Big Apple started in and around Central Park. We were exhausted from walking the day before so we tried to keep it a little bit relaxed but I’m a wanderer, when I’m on the go, I just go!! And Christian was pretty excited to make use of his Foursquare check-ins. We strolled through Central Park and into the Museum of Natural History just in time before the heat of summer set upon the city and we simultaneously got our fix of dino bones and ancient artifacts. We’re not museum people but we loved the Museum of Natural History. This is a place not to be missed! Once we stepped out of the museum...what was going on outside? ANOTHER STREET MARKET..hehehe. This time it was a Farmers Market and ofcourse I had to take a walk around.Christian finally managed to peel me away from the food stalls and we caught the subway to Brooklyn where I finally got to introduce him to the wonderful world of food trucks. He’d seen them on TV before but never actually experienced—I grabbed a taco and he scarfed down a hot dog...maybe 2 hot dogs actually :). 

Walking back across the Brooklyn Bridge towards lower Manhattan was definitely one of Christian’s most favorite parts of the long weekend and I must say the views are amazing! As the days closed in on us, we still squeezed in a wander around Wall Street, a trip on the Circle Line with views of all of Manhattan’s burrows (& of Lady Liberty herself! My Irish ancestors DID pass through here long ago!), enjoyed the music of a baby grand piano right in Washington Square Park and stopped in Greenwich Village for dinner. I love risotto...I’m actually OBSESSED with risotto so you can imagine my delight when I saw that The Village was home to a place called the Risotteria..excuuuse me? RISOTTERIA?! SOLD! Risotto with sun-dried tomatoes, gruyere, and arugula? Yes please :)...
Risotteria in Greenwich Village = a very happy girl :)


Jenna said...

Again, such beautiful photos! Is that one of the easter island statues your standing next to? If it is that is incredibly awesome!

And that little bird I was holding in my post, is a baby ostrich, I told Jurgen I didn't think anyone would guess what it was!


Rachael said...

Ya it's an Easter Island statue...so cool! I think I need to get myself a baby ostrich...they are way too cute!! :)


aw i always love to hear good things from visitors about my city! :-)