January 7, 2012

Glimpse of Ancient Greece in Athens

Our first stop before we hopped on a ferry to the Greek islands was to the age-old city of Athens, the birthplace of modern civilization! I think any trip to Greece wouldn’t feel complete without a quick looksy at the Acropolis, a wander around the stomping grounds of mythical Greek gods and goddesses and ofcourse dining in the open-air with a fresh plate of Greek feta and shots of Ouzo ever so sneakily placed around the table. Unfortunately Greece’s current economic situation has put an ugly mask of graffiti, protests and anger on the city. This meant that on our commute from the airport the bus driver kicked us off the bus in the middle of the night (had to walk a couple miles to our hotel at 4AM!), most Athenians weren’t the most pleasant of people and some of the sites closed before 3PM! Why ya gotta be so silly, Athens?! Despite this, we still enjoyed exploring the streets surrounding the Acropolis but we couldn’t wait for what was next: THE GREEK ISLANDS!! After a quick meal of gyros at the port of Athens, we skipped on over to the ferry, found a corner table on the outdoor terrace and the party boat (ok we may have been one of the only ones partying) was on its' way. Next stop: Naxos!

 party boat :)


Lily said...

Absolutely adore these photos!

corner kitchen table