January 30, 2012

New York, now I'm Obsessed with You, your Bagels and your Outdoor Movies!

Two words: ABSOLUTE BAGEL. We didn’t find this yummy bagel spot until one of our last days in NYC but we managed to squeeze in two breakfasts here. Christian went for a sesame bagel with chive cream cheese and me (aka garlic queen) got a garlic bagel with toasted garlic and herb cream cheese—YUM! I have tried to find bagels equally as delicious in Amsterdam, but no dice, even at Amsterdam’s Tony’s NYC Bagel place...still satisfies the craving but never fully keeps the craving at bay! Awwww boo hoo...last 2 days in NYC! We were having such a great time and its already time to leave!? Well we were only 2 days away from me attending my sister’s bachelorette party and Christian attending her (now) husband’s bachelor shindig, so we had things to look forward to. 

On our last full day we went down to the site of the World Trade Center to pay our respects to the victims who lost their lives 9/11. No matter how many years go by, the thought of the terror of what happened on that day always leaves me so emotional...so visiting the church near ground zero strewn with artifacts on the walls left me gushing with tears. RIP brave souls :(. Christian lifted my spirits by singing the Ghostbusters theme song over and over and over...so we wandered over the firehouse from the Ghostbusters movie...Christian was like a little kid on Christmas morning...he loved it! A friend told me about place that was not to be missed-The Highline. Highline Park is an old elevated freight yard converted into a modern, flowery garden. There are places to lounge around, grab a shaved ice or popsicle (I went for the mango & chili one!) and be lifted above the streets of Manhattan.

Christian loves the show The Big Bang Theory so he was dying to visit a real American comic book store. We decided to take one last look at Times Square en route to Midtown Comics...Christian was a happy camper—Ghostbusters AND comic books all within one hour? I think this is when he started saying he could easily live in NYC for a year...hahaha. Well now it was my turn...that night, our LAST night in NYC was a movie in the warm open air at Bryant Park! We capped off our excellent long weekend in NYC laying in the grass watching a pre-showing of Looney Tunes and enjoying Cool Hand Luke while the sun set with the twinkling lights of the city all around us...this is why I love outdoor movies! After a Chinatown dinner of chow mein and the most delicious fried potstickers I’ve ever had, our 5 days in NYC came to an end. Although this was our first trip to NYC together, we both agreed that it would most certainly be the first of many return visits...NYC is too magical to resist!


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Jenna said...

Those bagels look sooo delicious - there's one bagel place in Cali near my house which I always crave like crazy!

Again, love all of your photos - they are stunning!


ali v. said...

your blog is SERIOUSLY beautiful! I'm so happy I landed here :) I have a growing affection for NYC...my best friend lives in SoHo, so it makes it easier to love! I love the Highline at any time of year! I really need to visit ground zero again...those photos you shared were so powerful. you have a great eye, lady! have a wonderful week! xoxo {av}

Megan said...

agreeing with av above..BEAUTIFUL blog! SO glad you commented on mine..i have a girlfriend (blog friend) american, living in amsterdam right now (liz from explore dream discover)

i feel like we have so much in common already! studying abroad, finding love abroad, being from so-cal!! when you said the 5 and bake my heart sorta skipped a beat..just a reminder of such familiar names makes me smile.

again, so happy you found me!

Rachael said...

Thanks for all the love, girls! AV-your best friend lives in SoHo? So cool! I'm jealous of her! I could easily do a 1-2 year in NYC :).

Megan-It's always great to connect with fellow So Cal friends! I actually met up with Liz a couple of weeks ago and will be meeting up with her again next week! Its so great to know people with similar interests and backgrounds while overseas...she's awesome! I've been following your blog for a few weeks and love it! I'm happy to have found you as well! Make a trip to Amsterdam soon...we'll set up a night out! :)