July 13, 2012

{Delicious Displays}

So my twin sis, Julie, is crafty, really crafty. So much so that she goes all-out-crazy decorating for parties, baby showers and even for her own wedding! 

Just recently she decided to take the plunge and started Delicious Displays

She works directly with you to customize whatever you’re looking for--signs, decorations, pins, labels—basically anything you need to give a party that extra touch. 

Julie just whipped together a Disney-themed baby shower and her latest project is a bachelorette party :). And well, I’ve already got her slaving away at creating little snippets for our wedding next November…let’s face it she loves that this duty is designated to her :). 

So if you’re looking for some cheap, adorable ways to dress up a wedding, baby shower, bridal shower or basically any party, check her out at Delicious Displays :).


Allie @ Between Dreams said...

I need her to come and plan MY wedding! Hahaha

It turns out... I'm not as crafty as I once thought I was... oops

Cindy Winchell said...

I love the little signs on all the food! Great idea that can be used at all parties, not just baby showers.

Taylor said...

these aree so so cute! they make just looking at the paarty so much better. :)

Hannah said...

wow! your friend is truly talented! too bad i live in Colorado :(

mrs.creamy said...

i take online orders :)

Anonymous said...

Those are all lovely! I bet she could make awesome baby shower invites, too.

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