September 26, 2012

{Travel Bug}

Hi everyone! Being swamped at work, busy wedding planning and just getting stuff done (ya know that stuff you put off doing for so long?) has got me away from my computer for a while.

My friend Emma (the other half of the duo who we love to travel with...we've been lucky to travel to Croatia and Greece with them recently too!) tagged me in this quote on Facebook and I love it! It's great to get an inspirational quote to remind you about one of the many joys of life--travel. Another joy is that we will be hanging out with them in Paris next weekend (after Christian's brother's wedding this weekend)!!

And since Emma posted this, I've been looking in to re-booking our trip to Jordan which we cancelled earlier this year...we're thinking of adding Israel to the itinerary too!

Anyone ever been to Israel or Jordan? Would love to hear some tips!! 

{I snapped this pic of Denis, our French buddy who we studied with in Finland and Emma's boyfriend(!), at sunset during our trip to Naxos, Greece!}


Unknown said...

LOVE this! and am so jealous you have so much opportunity to travel right now! take me with you, pLEASE!

Jenna said...

I LOVE this quote and I can't believe that you took that photo - I totally thought you snagged it from pinterest! Absolutely stunning :)

So excited (and a little jealous) that you guys will be headed to the Middle East soon!


Danielle Nelson said...

I have been to Israel and it is incredible! The history, the food, the people. All so awesome. I stayed in Tel Aviv and did day trips, which worked out pretty great. Let me know how much time you have and I will definitely let you know what we did :)

Can't wait to hear your upcoming travel stories.

Kari said...

Love that quote.

Unknown said...

Hey awesome!! We've been talking about going there, too! (since Donna & Craig shared their pics & stories...)

Cant wait to see ya so so soon!

Unknown said...
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lauren | eyes/ears/mouth+lens said...

I love this so much.

Unknown said...

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