October 8, 2012

My Favorite Place

Yesterday, Christian and I were listing all of the places we want to go to one day. As we sat there, I also day-dreamed about where would I return to? If I had to pick one destination to go back to, what would it be?

Amsterdam is always my favorite city (both before and after I moved here!). And I definitely love mornings when I wake up with Christian curled next to me and Jack the cat curled on the other side.

Mljet, Croatia, is without a doubt the most magical, pristine place I’ve ever been.

The beaches of Southern California are home and held countless memories of beach days, bonfires, sunsets and, most recently, where Christian proposed.

But no matter where I travel to…my mind always reverts back to one spot…a quiet stretch of coastline between La Paz and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. My parents vacationed here since before I was born and by the time my sis and I were 4 years old, we played in the water here for years and years. It’s the site of my dad, uncle and brothers annual fishing trips, where my dad celebrated his 50th birthday, where my brother proposed to his wife, where several friends and I, over a matter of years, escaped to this quiet Mexican village for tanning, swimming and endless pina coladas and where I would wake up in the morning and see my dad looking out over the ocean enjoying the sunrise with a cup of coffee in hand every single morning.

The calm water changes from turquoise to deep blue, the people are extremely friendly, the local spot in town has the best enchiladas on the planet and it’s in this place that Christian and I will get married next year surrounded by our family and friends :)!

Oooooh Buena Vista and Los Barriles, Mexico, you steal my heart!

If you had to return back to ONE DESTINATION again, where would you go?


m_b said...

wow! manu wants to go to mexico for our honeymoon and now i completely agree! gorgeous!

Megan said...

It would definitely have to be Thailand for me!

Jenna said...

Wow, you are seriously getting married in paradise! An already special place is going to become even more memorable after you are married there :)

The place nearest and dearest to my heart has to be Burma, although Rwanda and Uganda were pretty darn incredible too. And Croatia also had to be the most beautiful for me - it is absolutely stunning!

To many places to go back to!


B. Jarosz said...

Oh... good question. While I consider myself to be a beach girl, the place I always dream of when I dream of vacation is... Sedona, AZ. I adore the red rocks, the solitude, and the hiking.

Alli Campbell said...

What a beautiful location for your wedding - particularly when it holds so many special memories. We are heading to Mijet next week - so excited! :)

Alli Campbell said...
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A and B said...

Stunning! I would definitely go back to Luang Prabang, Laos! It was stunning!

Rachael {all things beautiful} said...

Sounds like a magical place. Makes me want to pack a bag and leave immediately! Your pictures are gorgeous.

Lily said...

Your wedding is gonna be AWESOME! Now, if only we could have a few days of tropical temperatures here in Amsterdam...