August 30, 2012

Croatia || Paradise on Mljet

Just when we thought our Croatian adventure couldn’t get any better after swimming in the beautiful waters of Hvar and boating around Korcula, we arrived in Mljet. The tiny harbor was so quiet and peaceful and was a perfect retreat from the more touristy spots we had been so far.

The next morning, we were up bright and early to grab some bike rentals and cycle around the island. Mljet is covered with salt-water lakes, inlets and has a national park right in the center of it. Once we arrived at the national park, this part of the trip quickly became our favorite. The national park’s saltwater lake was surrounded with a bike path just a stone’s throw from the water’s edge. The water was a rainbow of turquoise colors and the bike ride was so damn peaceful! Every so often, we pulled our bikes off the path and jumped in the water. The four of us were in absolute heaven on Earth!!

Somewhere in between those swimming spots and bike paths, Mljet became our favorite place. We were awestruck from the sheer beauty of it. 

Mljet certainly confirmed one thing: Croatia was the most beautiful country we’d ever been!



cynthia said...

I've been reading nothing but great things about Croatia on blogs lately! It looks gorgeous.

Taylor said...

Lookin good!! I really love catching up on your Croatia pics/posts! It looks so beautiful and blueeee!

RaeAbigael said...

nice! i love it!
I find your blog really cool too! :D

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manicureflower said...

Love you guys, I'm from Croatia and so glad you loved it=))