August 8, 2012

Capture the Colour

I couldn't have been more excited to have been nominated by Daryl to participate in Capture the Colour! The contest asks for travel bloggers to submit their best red, blue, white, green and yellow photos...and a pretty hefty prize of £2000 will be given from!

Here are my Capture the Colour submissions!

I snapped this picture while waiting for a ferry in Athens, Greece. During this time in Athens, the riots and Greece's economic problems were in full-swing. After 20 minutes of carefully choosing his newspaper, he retreated to the nearby cafe where the waitress had a coffee waiting for him. It seemed that this man continues his newspaper-coffee routine as he always had...Greek politics aside. 

This photo was taken in Toiano, Italy, right in the heart of Tuscany. We rented a house near a vineyard and set out to explore the area. What is not pictured is an old, abandoned Tuscan villa. Once we peaked around the property, we left through a gate that opens out directly onto the vineyard. For a split second as we walked away from the gate and through the tall grass, we felt like the villa and the vineyard were ours.

Every year in April, some people are lucky enough to receive word of World Pillow Fight Day! For 1 hour in major cities across the world, pillows and feathers fly through the air and people forget their age/occupation/responsibilities and get to be kids again! I snapped this picture at the pillow fight in Dam Square in Amsterdam, Netherlands. For the next two days after the fight, a random feather would fall on our shoulders or we'd see one floating through the air...and we couldn't help but just smile while our inner child squealed with delight :).

I took this picture at the Orange County Fair in my hometown in California. There were multiple things to love about this moment--a warm California summer's night, the smell of funnel cakes in the air and the idea that I was back in California from my current home for the past 4 years in Amsterdam. What I loved most about this picture is that this guy took his 6 children for a night at the fair and I'm sure that trying to keep track of 6 youngsters on a Friday night is no easy feat---but in this moment, he could watch them all at once...and he was smitten while doing so. Together with his stylish hat, he made fatherhood look effortless!

The entire city of Istanbul, Turkey, was an amazing experience--an Eastern metropolis and bustling city made the Western world feel long gone. This photo was snapped inside the labyrinth of shops called the Grand Bazaar. I stood in this hallway for some time just people watching, letting my eyes feast on the realization that this way of life had continued so efficiently for thousands of years. I saw it as not just a 'marketplace' but a testament to the countless traders and journeys over the centuries that created the grandeur of the Bazaar.

Now my nominations for those talented bloggers I know would make a killing at this contest!
1. A B and C the World: Serious wanderlust meets love! What more could you ask for?
2. This Battered Suitcase: This girl has a real eye for color and an off-the-beaten path travel mentality...the best way to travel I think!
3. Peace Love Wander: I'm such a sucker for Siena's beachy posts. Gorgeous!
4. Eyes/Ears/Mouth + Lens: I love how Lauren's pics capture the atmosphere of a place.
5. The Travel Designery: Lorena had me at Jordan, and Syria and just about everything she posts!

Love your travel blogs, girls!!


Unknown said...

Wow, those are some amazing photos! I love them all! Especially the OC fair photo, reminds me of growing up and loving the fair. That was my most favorite ride too :)

Jenna said...

LOVE the photos you chose, and the personal stories behind each one :) I think my favourite it the one of Greece.

Daryl also tagged me in this - I need to get my act together and choose my photos soon!


stephani said...

Not only are you an amazing photographer, but also a wonderful writer. I am stunned y the beauty of your entries and couldn't be more proud of my talented niece. You are a delight!!! Aunt Steph

stephani said...

Not only are you an amazing photographer, but also a wonderful writer. I am stunned y the beauty of your entries and couldn't be more proud of my talented niece. You are a delight!!! Aunt Steph

stephani said...
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Mish Lovin' Life said...

Great pictures. I love the white one. And of course the OC Fair. I'm in San Diego, so I usually just do the Del Mar Fair, but OC Fair is basically the same and just as fun ;)

Hope you win!

Sienna said...

thanks so much sweets!! your are too kind :)

Annette | Bucket List Journey said...

Beautiful photos. My favorite is the blue one and the story that goes with it :)

Unknown said...

Blue is my absolute favorite. It's simple and still heartwarming (love the elderly).

I also am so glad you listed some fellow travel blogs! So wonderful.

xoxo, hm

Anonymous said...

seriously as i saw each picture i kept telling myself "ok THIS is going to be my favorite one" them all. i hope you win!

lauren | eyes/ears/mouth+lens said...

What a great contest and as if you nominated me - I'm so thrilled, thank you so much!! That Orange Country Fair photo is some serious eye candy :)

This Battered Suitcase said...

Thank you for the nomination! I really have to get on this...what a great contest! Your photos are absolutely beautiful...