October 29, 2012

Street Market Saint

Hope you all had a great weekend! The last 2 weeks have been a bit rough (hence the blog absence)—despite being a blogger, traveler and Amsterdammer, life is still life. Work frustrations, family health scares and all-around being stressed out and busy got the best of me. I knew I had to pull myself out of this funk somehow, so this weekend Christian and I decided to seize the day and we enjoyed tasty beers at Amsterdam’s Bokbier Festival, grabbed lunch at the Neighborhood Food Market, and walked through the crisp and colorful leaves scattered all over Westerpark. We also watched Beasts of the Southern Wild (I really liked it! I loved the beginning scene with the fireworks) at a tiny hipster movie theater and did a bit of wedding planning over my fresh mint tea and Christian’s latte (which he claims now takes the cake as the best latte in town!).

It’s been a great weekend! One of the best parts was my random quick stroll to a food market in our neighborhood. The last Sunday of each month, our East Amsterdam neighborhood welcomes bakers, artisans, antique sellers, etc., at the Puremarkt. And we live only a 3 minute walk away! And this walk goes thru a pretty tree-lined sidewalk, which was gorgeous at this time of the year! Having been to the Puremarkt a few times before, I’ve seen this market serve up fresh organic pizzas, BBQ pork sandwiches, paella, Chilean empanadas, chicken gyros, sausages and chorizos of all kinds, mustards, spreads, pestos, hot sauces, artisan breads, pastries and cakes as well as bakjes of pumpkins, bushels of flowers and antiques. Each time we go, there is something new to taste.

This time I headed toward the ABC Baking company stand, which is run by two incredibly sweet American guys (this time they were dressed up as little devils in the Halloween spirit!). The table was littered with cookies, pies, cheesecakes, and they also sell chocolate chip cookie dough (that’s kind of a big deal in Holland where they don’t sell chocolate chips!). After hearing my accent, he told me to stick out my finger and dropped a dollop of cream cheese frosting on my fingertip for a little taste. Next he gave me a sample of chocolate cake. Then pumpkin pie. We chatted for a bit and then he brought my attention to the steamy American-style cinnamon rolls at the end of the table. He boxed one up for me, slathered on some frosting, gave me a big smile, said Happy Halloween! and handed it over. Then he told me to enjoy the taste of home and to have a good weekend.

Genuine hospitality at its finest! After a crummy 2 weeks, this guy made my day…ah hell he made my entire month!  


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend and you obviously really needed it. The pictures are fantastic. I loved Amsterdam when I visited and I think it would be neat to have a chance to live there one day.
Kayleigh http://thewayiwanderlust.blogspot.com.au

Jay said...

You have me drooling at the thought of a cinnamon bun with cream cheese icing! Yumm!

(And that photo of the treelined street - gorgeous!)

Maja said...

This is amazing! I know their stand, and the cakes and cookies and muffins look way too good.
Happy your months turned around :)

Alex, Speaking Denglish said...

That bakery sounds INCREDIBLE! Like I might need to plan a trip to Amsterdam just to eat there. I miss some American treats here in Germany, particularly ones using pumpkin right now

Megan said...

I love your pictures, captures the spirit of the market and autumn so well!

And how nice were those guys to give you 'a taste of home' like that! Probably made you really homesick?

Jenna said...

It's so amazing what one small friendly gesture can do! Glad to see you back in the blogging world - we've missed you around here :)


Kari said...

Gorgeous pictures as always!

cynthia said...

Every pic looks perfectly fallish and European! How sweet of that guy to cheer you up (even unknowingly). :)

Unknown said...

Love all the fall colors! Glad you got out and had a great time! Wonderful pictures!