November 13, 2013


Greetings from the new Mr and Mrs!! Yep we are married!

Just a quick update here as we just got off a plane from LA to Tokyo and then to Kuala Lumpur where we are currently camped out awaiting our flight to Kathmandu.

So what does this mean? Our 6 month backpacking trip around Asia has officially begun!

The last couple of weeks have been such a whirlwind of events, culminating with our Mexican wedding. The week couldn't have gone any better...friends and family trickled into the small town of Los Barriles on Baja's East Cape and we had a blast. Christian and his friends caught dorado (which was cooked up for the group by the local restaurant), drove quads, we swam under the stars, sipped on cocktails at the swim up bar, dressed up for our welcome Halloween party (and a live bat flew into one of the tables haha), danced like crazy at the bar in town, chilled out next to a beach bonfire, released baby turtles and got married :). And we did all of this (and more!) surrounded by 80 family and friends.

It was amazing.

One thing I loved about our wedding is that Liz was our photographer...early on we knew that having a friend be our photographer was the right way to go...and from the beginning, we knew Liz was the best choice. Before we took off for Asia, she sent over a few sneak peeks. I can't wait to see more!

But until then, check out a few of her beautiful snaps from our big day...

Thanks Liz!

{Photos by Liz Denfeld}
{My brother performed the ceremony}

{I was so happy that some of our small blogger group from Amsterdam was able to make it down to Mexico for our wedding :) Carly, Ellen, Liz, Jana and their guys}



Annie said...

Congratulations, Rachael! Liz took some beautiful pictures; I can't wait to see more!

Niken said...

oh Rachael, congrats for you and christian! here's to more adventures!