November 19, 2013

Namaste from Nepal

Greetings from Nepal!!

We are already one week into our Asia trip and it has been nothing short of magical...and already quite adventurous since the second we hopped in a cab at the airport.

Our trip started amongst the craziness of Kathmandu. We were overwhelmed with a divergence of cars, motorbikes, beeps, horns and monkeys dangling on electricity wires. But the smell of curry and incense in the air, friendliness of the people and the sheer realization of "we're in Nepal!" had us enjoying every minute of this beautiful country.

I'll touch up on the "adventure" part later (small hint: at the urging of our hostel and a few Nepalis we met along the way, we decided to get out of Kathmandu a day early to get away from a local election and political rallies!).

Right now we are relaxing in the small town of Pokhara, a hippie paradise nestled on a lake at the foot of the Himalayas. 

We will be here for the next week and after only being here for less than 2 days, we couldn't recommend this town enough!

Internet is dodgy, Nepalese momos (dumplings) are cheap and yoga is everywhere but for now enjoy a few snaps from our first day in Kathmandu.


Niken said...

this is sooo great!
make sure you go to Bhutan!!!

Unknown said...

So jealous! Nepal is on my bucket list. Can't wait to see more of your adventures there :)

Francois peeters said...

WoW, great pictures! Must be an amazing country! I can imagine you love it!!

Unknown said...

Hey Rachy! Nepal sounds awesome, I can't wait to hear your crazy adventure stories! xoxo

Unknown said...

Those pics looks nice! Love the picture with that guy ond the bike and the one at night with the lights in "bokeh" background. Looks like a monkey paradise!

Great stuff, keep it up!

Anonymous said...

These pictures are so fun - I love how colorful everything is! Looks like an awesome trip already.