December 19, 2013

Snorkeling in Gili T, Indonesia

The morning after we set foot on that beautiful beach in Lombok, we were on our way to the Gili Islands between Bali and Lombok. The car whisked us the 2 hours to the port of Bangsal and through Lombok's monkey forest. It was something like out of a movie--driving through a dense, green jungle riddled with monkeys...and I mean we must have seen hundreds sitting and swinging around on the side of the road! Some with babies latched to their bellies :).

Soon we boarded the boat to Gili Trawangan (Gili T for short!). In a boat filled with 40 locals, eggs, vegetables, gasoline, supplies, etc., we were 2 of the only foreigners on the boat.

The day before we left for the Gilis we went to and got yet another sweet deal for Coconut Dream Bungalows in Gili T. The location is just off a small street perpendicular to the main street and only 5 min walking from Gili T's small port. We had an outdoor shower, A/C, a outdoor lounge bed and breakfast brought to our patio each morning...all for only about $25! 

Gili T is a perfect backpacker island. The beaches around the island are beautiful and the water is so warm. There is cheap happy hour, movie nights on the beach and a big party at a different bar each night. One night we cozied up and watched The Great Gatsby on a big screen right on the beach! Outdoor movies are my absolute favorite so I was stoked.

Our favorite part about Gili T was snorkeling. Christian really caught on to 'this new sport' as he would call We used the bikes from our bungalows for free, rented some snorkel gear for $5/day and dove under. While we didn't see any sea turtles as I had hoped, we saw a good portion of the Finding Nemo cast and an eel. And a baby triggerfish tried to nip me ;). Perhaps I got a little too close. 

*We arranged our transfer to Bangsal and boat to Gili T the day before we wanted to leave in Kuta, Lombok--super easy and there are plenty of places selling tickets and tours.

*The main street in Gili T has really cool beach bars with daily happy hour, live music and lounge chairs right on the beach. 

*Our tummies hadn't yet craved Indonesian food while we were on Gili T. Instead we split a burger at the island's only Irish bar Tir Na Nog for a couple nights and it was SO good...highly recommended! (`ya ya we're a little bit ashamed)
{The snorkel king}


Mar Ward said...

Great photos! What a fun adventure.

Unknown said...

Gili T! I remember being there and it felt like paradise. They had fresh fish on the bbq and an Aussie had this fantastic bar/restaurant with a roof terrace, nice.

Great stories and pics, Rachy!

Unknown said...

i wish i could go snorkeling right now. it's been so cold in california. i can't wait for it to warm up a lil again.

xoxo, Oleah