February 12, 2014

Already halfway through our trip!! And what's coming up next...

Greetings from Pai, way up in Northern Thailand! We've been motorbiking through the hills surrounding Chiang Mai and Pai for the last week...

...but 3 months ago yesterday, we embarked on the long journey from LA to Kathmandu!! Which means we only have 3 months left on our 6 month backpacking trip. Time has been flying by but we have also soaked up every minute and absorbed each place and each passing day.

*In the first half, we fell in love with Nepal. Someone asked me to describe Nepal in one word and it was 'magical'...we loved it.

*We got our first glimpse of the gorgeous beaches and chillied out atmosphere of Southeast Asia in Indonesia.

*We enjoyed the great feeling of being back in the first world in Kuala Lumpur.

*And for the last 6 weeks we have fallen head over heels in love with Thailand...from the very south in Koh Lipe to the very north of Pai, Thailand's hippie haven.

*We also squeezed in a week in Cambodia and absolutely loved Siem Reap and the Angkor temples.

So what's next?
Laos for almost 3 weeks and we're looking to get off the beaten path as much as possible.
Singapore for a quick and unplanned 30-hour layover.
Palawan in The Philippines (!!!!!) for 9 days. Christian needs his tan back ;).
Kuala Lumpur for the Future Music Festival.
Hong Kong. Where we booked a teeny-tiny Air BnB apartment.
South Korea for 9 days so Christian can get his techy-nerd fix and so we can enjoy Seoul with plenty of tips from our dear friend Carly.
Japan just in time to see the cherry blossoms bloom and to meet our friends Ross & Cheryl.
Bangkok for Songkran, Thai New Year,  otherwise known as a huge water fight on the streets.
Jordan, to check yet another item off of our bucket list: Petra!
Israel...Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv, we are coming for you!
At some point we will be in 
The Netherlands to spend lots of time with family and friends in Maastricht and Amsterdam.

Have you ever been to any of the above places? We'd love to get any tips if you have some favorite spots/things to do/places to eat/etc!


Unknown said...

You'll LOVE Seoul... it's a fantastic city!!! :) And I can't wait to see you guys experience Petra... that is way high up on my list!! What an amazing adventure!

Unknown said...

oh my goodness, living the dream!!

Taylor said...

stop...you're going to PETRA? insanely jealous.