February 5, 2014

Meet Vuhta, the Best Tuk Tuk Driver in Siem Reap!

Before we traveled to Siem Reap, we were wondering how we could find a reliable and trustworthy tuk tuk driver. We had heard there were SO MANY TUK TUK DRIVERS...and there really were hundreds of them. 

Luckily our concerns didn't last long. My very good friend Emily recommended a Cambodian man so sweet and so humble that she swore we had to use him to explore the temples. Emily used this guy during both of her trips to Siem Reap.

His name is Vuhta. We emailed him (thanks to Emily having his email address) and we got a response immediately. He would pick us up at 5AM the next day to take us to sunrise at Ta Phrom and on a full-day tour of the Angkor temples. Vuhta even threw together our itinerary for the day AND had a cooler with cold water and soda.

Vuhta is beyond nice...beyond friendly...always smiling and pointing things out on the road. Vuhta was our driver for all 3 days of our temple explorations and he also does tours to the countryside and to orphanages around Siem Reap (we didn't do this but Emily said the orphanage was a huge highlight). We had a late evening flight from Siem Reap so Vuhta whirled us around the temples for a few hours then dropped us off at the airport right on time. And he watched our backpacks as we explored the temples.

Christian loved the guy, ah hell I did too!

We want to go back to Siem Reap again just to be around the sweet and happy Vuhta.

Going to Siem Reap and need a tuk tuk driver? Here's his contact info:
{This little lady knew about a million different languages. I didn't want to buy anything from her but I was nearly starstruck when she said several sentences in several languages...including Japanese, Chinese, Korea and Italian...holy moly. I gave her a couple bucks to take a pic with me...she wore my glasses then she gave me a bracelet...this little girl was awesome}


A and B said...

This makes me wish we had taken a tuk tuk in Siem Riep! We decided to bike, and it was so hot, we barely made it through the whole place.

ps, i'm doing a giveaway through the weekend, if you want to enter!