March 29, 2012

::Blogger Q&A:: Halley from Life of Something New

I started this blog as a way to not only document Christian and I’s travel adventures but to also inspire others out there to explore the world and just go for it. One thing I never anticipated though was how many other travel enthusiasts I would meet in the blogging world! I love comparing travel stories and hearing how others took the plunge and moved overseas…moving far away is no easy feat, but ofcourse it sure does have it’s perks :)!

One such blogging buddy I came across was Halley from Life of Something New. Halley, also a full-blown travel nut and adventure enthusiast from the US, made the plunge and now lives in probably one of the most beautiful countries on the planet--New Zealand! Amongst the many things I love about Halley’s blog is that it’s filled with inspirational travel banter that will get you reaching for your passport and heading off to the airport. I love that she travels with a sense of adventure on her shoulder and no destination in sight… now that’s true blue spontaneity at it’s finest.

Curious about how Halley hopped on the boat to New Zealand and just to get to know her a bit better, I asked her a few questions I was dying to know :)…stop by her blog and pay Halley a visit!!
Why did you move to New Zealand? And what's the best thing about being an expat?
I moved half-way across the world because I read a fiction book set in New Zealand (Flight of the Albatross) when I was 12. It made me feel inspired so I quietly promised myself that I'd live there when I got older and live the adventure.
The best thing about being an expat living in New Zealand is the quality of life. In NZ, work respects taking time off to be with family, no one cares about what stuff you own, and a cultural love of outdoors/travel/adventure.

Describe the best adventure you’ve ever had?
Sailing. on a tall ship. with twenty other people. Hauling ropes at 2am. Drinking Hummingbirds = hot chocolate mix + instant coffee + sugar. Falling asleep at the microscope while smelling dead fish in formaldehyde. Calculating our ship's course. Deciphering MAX (an automated weather radio system). Being an Engineer's Assistant. Making Jambalaya and then running around the decks yelling "JAMBALAYA!" Discovering I'm really bad at waking people up smoothly.

If you could travel to anywhere in the world right this second, where would it be?
Croatia! If I can do it by tall ship sailing I'd be in heaven.

Some travelers like to experience a place off the beaten path, following a travel book, by meeting locals, etc., how would you describe your way of traveling? 
Spontaneous and purposeful. I like to fly by the seat of my pants but I have the most fun if I have a objective like "learn Maori" or "learn wind-surfing." So I'm not precious about the location but the stuff to do is important. I also tend to try and integrate into the culture and live like the locals do (which is why I started this travel network - Travel Like a Local)

Thanks Halley!! 


Tiffany said...

I'm always looking for more great travel blogs (although my wallet is probably not!) so thanks for sharing!! :)


Anonymous said...

definitely going to check out her blog now :) great feature! and i kind of wish i was in croatia right now (although i will be next week...just not the beaches blahhh).

Niken said...

i follow lots of traveling people's blog and i'm so so jealous,,

i always want to go to New Zealand since i watched The Lord of The Ring in 2001,,

Magical Daydream said...

I came here via Halley's blog. Very nice read :) I have lived all around the world and somehow I usually relate well to people who also have travelled a lot :) For now I have to save up a bit again for my next adventure.. :)