May 25, 2012

Favorite iPhone Pics: France & Italy with my parents

After two amazing weeks with my parents visiting from California and now a scorching hot week of sunshine here in Holland, I am one smitten girl. Although, I am pretty bummed that my parents left, but I’m sure that the upcoming three-day weekend here in Holland AND subsequent forecast for gorgeous weather will cure me (which will kick-off my favorite Amsterdam pastime—sitting on the canals and enjoying the city!).

My parents' first few days were spent lounging around our apartment in Amsterdam, before we, plus Christian and his dad, took off for a 10-day adventure around Normandy and Tuscany (with little bits of Paris and Rome too!). 

Needless to say I have tons of pictures to share from both my camera and handy-dandy iPhone. Here are some of my favorite iPhone pics from our trip! Plenty more will come soon :)

Hope you have an excellent weekend! I’ll be spending as much time outside as humanly possible :)

A perfect view in Arromanches-les-Bains, Normandy. After my best friend and I went to Sicily, we now have a thing for benches with beautiful views :).
My mom enjoying her favorite bottle of wine on Mother’s Day on our balcony in Paris.
My dad and I got a box of macaroons at the Louvre and just as I was raving about how delicious they were, a pigeon jumped on the table and sent my last one flying to its’ death! My dad started cracking up…:-/
A stroll by the Eiffel.
 Feasting our eyes on our gorgeous villa in Tuscany after just arriving! Yes that pool overlooks a vineyard, people! My mom found this gem :).
Abbey of San Galgano, hidden in Tuscany.
An incredible view over Tuscany from San Gimignano.
A cheery calzone from a delicious pizzeria down the street from the villa :).
Sistine Chapel, Roma!
My dad’s a happy camper with a heaping bowl of gelato AND an Italian cappuccino in Rome.
{My Awesome Parents!! My dad enjoying a coffee in Normandy and my mom all giddy at a bar in Amsterdam with a canal-view. I miss ‘em even more even though they were just here.}


stefanie hurtado said...

these images are beautiful!!! this seems like such a fabulous trip. that italian villa looks absolutely GORGEOUS. and drinking wine on a balcony in Paris is one of my loveliest memories. but mostly i'm impressed with your picture of the sistine chapel - when i visited, i desperately wanted to sneak one but was way too intimidated by security. kudos to you!

i can't wait to see more pictures!

stefanie hurtado said...
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Rachael said...

the villa WAS amazing! I wanna go back just to stay in that villa again. and ya i couldnt help but whip out my phone during the sistine chapel...i think security was overwhelmed because there were literally hundreds of people taking pics. i had to snap one, it was so beautiful :)

Jenna said...

Wow, your trip looks stunning! oh how I would die to stay in that villa... and that cappuccino looks amazing! Can't wait to see more :)


Lily said...

What fun!! I'm loving the countryside villa and adding that idea to my dream travel plans! You know there is a macaroon store in de pijp, we can pick some up for our next outdoor movie date!