May 18, 2012

Roadtrip!! Belgium & Germany

Yay my parents are in town! They arrived 10 days ago and together with Christian, his dad and I, we explored Normandy, Paris for Mother’s Day (last year my mom flew out last-minute and we spent Mother’s Day in Venice!), Tuscany and Rome. Now I’m enjoying the last weekend with them--Christian and my dad are trying to fix his boat and me, my mom and a bottle of wine are doing some wedding planning :). No complaints here!

I’ll have some pics from our trip soon but here are a few from my parent’s first trip out to visit us. They were actually our very first visitors when we moved to Amsterdam nearly 4 years ago. I finally got to introduce my parents to my favorite city—Amsterdam—and show them the University of Amsterdam, the Grad school I’d be attending and they got to meet Christian’s family in Maastricht. Christian’s dad was so accommodating, he took us for a roadtrip around some WW2 monuments and windmills, we visited Bruges, Belgium, and we hopped over to Trier, Germany, seeing some small German towns and castles along the way.

Looking for a fun weekend trip from Amsterdam? Check out gezellig (that’s cozy in Dutch) Maastricht, cute little Bruges, or do some German castle-hunting to Cochem Castle and Burg Eltz. My parents still talk about how fun that trip was :).

Have a great weekend! We’re enjoying my mom’s home-cookin’ and my dad’s silly jokes…
{Bruges, Belgium}
Bruges 2a_thumb[2]
{Half Moon Brewery in Bruges!}
{Burg Eltz castle, Germany}
{Cochem Castle}
{Trier, Germany}


jessica said...

Trier is on my list of places to visit while i'm living in Germany! Love all your photos! So happy you were able to visit with your parents :)

Unknown said...

Wonderful! I've been to Burg Eltz several times in my life, the last time we went it was covered in scaffolding :( and trier is always great, I've been there twice!

Haven't been to belgium yet though, we're planning a roadtrip there in June!

Happy adventures, I'm glad you're having fun with your parents!

<3 Daryl
Roots, Wings & Other Things.

Tiffany said...

Looks like it was beautiful! I'm planning a trip to Germany, Poland and Prague next year...I may just add in Brussels!


his little lady said...

aw, this really makes me want to travel to europe!! those castles are just gorgeous beyond words!!!! how fun!
xo TJ

Alex, Speaking Denglish said...

Trier is so close to me yet I still haven't made it up there - I must!

kim @ a positive peace said...

looks awesome!!

hayley said...

how great that you could be with your mom both times, on mothers day, and in europe :) lovely photos too!

hayley said...

how great that you could be with your mom both times, on mothers day, and in europe :) lovely photos too!

Elen said...

I went this summer with a bunch of friends and my parents to Holland and Belgium, and we visited Bruges as well...It was AWESOME, definitely one of my favourite destinations!

Why don't you check out my blog, I am really new here and I could use some help... :)
Have a nice day, Elen :)