May 31, 2012

Happy Birthday Christian!

Today is Christian’s birthday!! I love birthdays, he could care less. But despite this, I know he secretly likes atleast a bit of a birthday fuss :).

Last year we spent his birthday Greek-island hopping in the Cyclades. My best friend Smitty managed to find a local bakery in Naxos who made him a delicious chocolate birthday cake (she did this between cocktails and laying out on the beach and it was completely her idea…gotta love her!). Once we boarded the boat from Naxos to Santorini, we lit the candles and sung him (strangers joined in too!) a little song—he loved it—and confessed he’d never had a birthday cake before! I’m pretty sure it was one of his favorite birthdays.

This year we’ll be celebrating in Amsterdam instead—I’ve planned a full date-night and have a gift in my purse that I know he’s gonna love :).

Happy Birthday, lovebug! And Happy Birthday to Christian’s twinnie Francois too :).

What’s the best birthday you’ve ever had?


Anonymous said...

happy birthday to him!!!

my best birthday was last boyfriend surprised me with a trip to vilnius, lithuania to see where my great grandmother immigrated from. it was pretty special :) hoping my 29th (Oh gosh im old) this july will be the best as i get to spend it back in the good ol US of A

Rachael said...

thanks! i'll say thanks on behalf of him i mean ;). so cool that u get to spend your bday back in the US! and way to go norwegian boyfriend for the lithuania birthday trip :)

Jenna said...

Happy Birthday to your boy! Hope you guys have an amazing date night in Amsterdam :) Sounds like a pretty good birthday in my books!


Simply Valorie said...

Happy birthday to him!

Hm. The best birthday I probably had was last summer when I was in China. My parents were visiting me and touring China, and they took me out to dinner and spent the whole day with me. It was perfect.

Lela said...

Haha, sounds like me and Boyfriend. I think birthdays are so much fun and he literally does NOT care at all!

Every year I've been in college I've thought that year's birthday was the best. I've gottaq say though, this past year's birthday might be my favorite. Started at exactly midnight with a call from Boyfriend, per usual and then at 12:05, my friends came in with a cookie cake (yum!!) and little gifts, knicknaks and candy bars and whatever 7/11 could yield. The actual birthDAY was spent from 8am to 10pm no breaks at a tech rehearsal for our spring show, which I was Assitant Stage Managing.

Lots of cards and trinkets tucked in my bag for me to find, joking and teasing and hurried "happy birthdays" sung wildly off key on purpose. Then a big slice of ice cream cake waiting for me back at my apartment!

kim @ a positive peace said...

happy birthday to christian!! greek-island hopping sounds like a pretty spectacular bday but if he's anything like my bf (and it sounds like he is!) he'll be happy with anything you plan! :) hope it was fun (as i think i'm posting this a day late!!)

cynthia said...

Ha, nothing as cool as being in Greece or Amsterdam! I think my most memorable bday (so far) was my 25th which we spent in Vegas eating and drinking ourselves silly. :)
If I had to guess my BF would (hopefully) say when I rented him a Corvette for his 30th bday! ;)