September 4, 2012

Up to my crazy ways...Cali-Oregonian Roadtrip!

Here's one thing you don't know about me: I kinda like doing crazy things...ok really like it! Like the time I went bungee-jumping in Costa Rica, or graduated college then decided to go sky-diving the next morning (then moved to Amsterdam a week later), or partied my butt off in Berlin with my best friends last summer. Whatever it is...I'm always up for an adventure! Sometimes I can convince Christian to be crazy with me (he's well aware of my crazy antics).

My most recent crazy idea originated a few weeks ago--I decided to fly out to California for a long weekend only from Amsterdam to surprise my best friends. These friends of mine were off on a roadtrip to Oregon and I just couldn't miss it. So I bought a ticket! Before I knew it, I was in Cali and with my friends and family. The crazy part was I arrived on a Saturday, spent Sunday in Southern California, spent Monday on the road up north (that's a whopping 15 hours, people!), spent Tuesday floating down a beautiful Oregonian river wearing floppy hats, spent Tuesday night out all night in Portland and spent Wednesday on a plane back to Amsterdam in time to make it to work on Thursday morning. Crazy, right? 

Well here's to being crazy...because it's better to regret the things you have done than the things you haven't done. And you sure can't put a price on friendship...even if it IS only for a long weekend :)...even if that long weekend just to happens to be half-way across the world. 

Check out a few pics from our quicky road-trip to Oregon! I snapped these pics with a Go Pro camera...pretty neat, huh?!

And be sure to stop by Jay's blog From Here to There to check out my 'Expatriated' guest post! Thanks for having me, Jay!


Anonymous said...

Roadtrips are the best! Especially when they're in Oregon =)

Brooke said...

Looks like you had so much fun! Perfect summer memories!



gladley said...

Saw you on From There to Here and just saying hello from another expat! I love your photos, and I'm looking forward to getting to know your blog.

Selene said...

amazing post!

Lindsey L said...

This looks like my kind of girls trip!

Bev said...

Love oregon on pretty days like these... and luckily we've been blessed with some sunshine these past few weeks! But home is where my heart is... and that's Southern Cali... where you ventured off to before going back to Amsterdam! Glad you're all about taking risks and long plane trips!

xo, Bev

Shawnee said...

this made me smile - i loove your crazy adventures! very cool!