February 15, 2013

California Calling

Yay! I’m headed back to sunny California! Although Christian and I hadn’t intended on visiting again until this summer, I just couldn’t wait…I had to plan a trip. I’ll be doing a bit of belated birthday celebrating for my best friend, basking in the sunshine, eating mom’s home cookin’, grabbing breakfast at the beach with my parents and nailing down some wedding details with my twin sis. 

My twinnie is also throwing me a bridal shower! Julie is quite the crafty one and she’s kept ALL details under wraps.

After a few days catching up with friends and family, my girlfriends and I will be going away for a week by the beach.

I can't wait to bury my toes in the sand and catch one of those colorful sunsets--undoubtedly one of my favorite things to do with my friends. The next 11 days are going to be glorious

I'll be instagramming and tweeting from So Cal...follow along!

{Some of my favorite Cali pics from my trip last March and on the night Christian proposed}


Niken said...

that's so exciting!!!
i believe you'll have tons of fun!

First Mate Gremlins Hammer said...

Beautiful pictures! Just found your blog today... I gotta say that they are nice and warming while we hang out in frosty Boston with snow and wind and freezing temperatures (sigh). Thanks for the mental lift! :) I'll definitely continue to follow along.


lauren | eyes/ears/mouth+lens said...

Hooray for SoCal returns. Beach season is creeping up so you've picked the perfect time to come for a visit!