February 20, 2013

"Let's Go On an Adventure"

It’s amazing what those few words can do. Back in early October, I said those words to my best friend Julia. She replied with the words “let’s do it” (and one of the many reasons why she’s been one of my very best friends for 12 years). Then I let our two other best friends—Traci and Smitty—in on this adventure plan too. One thing led to another and within a few days we all had tickets to paradise.

So we’re off to Costa Rica!

This trip is going to be amazing. My friends also have an itch for travel—having been to Mexico, Amsterdam and NYC with Julia, Amsterdam and Belgium with Traci and to NYC and all over Europe with Smitty, it’s a fact that these are my favorite friends to travel with. Growing up we always had the most fun just sitting in my room in California and laughing about nonsense—these are the best kind of friends. So when a new destination is thrown in the mix, it's just ridiculously fun.

The four of us are taking a redeye to San Jose, Costa Rica, and will hop on a bus headed straight to the Caribbean coast. We’ve got no plans except to enjoy spending one whole week together—just the 4 of us—without the distractions of work, responsibilities, time differences and to give Julia a little vacay minus doctors and chemotherapy.

Christian is sitting this trip out but don’t feel too bad for him yet. He’s off to Poland with HIS closest friends for a few days. While we are each other's ultimate travel buddies, we’ve always encouraged each other to do solo trips with friends since friendship needs nurturing too...and ah hell who are we kidding, good times with friends just downright soothes the soul! 

So…adios for now…next stop: Costa Rica...

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Alli Campbell said...

Enjoy Costa Rica! I love travelling with the boy, but there's nothing like a gal trip ;)

Jenna said...

Have SO much fun! I couldn't agree with you more, while travelling as a couple is amazing, travelling with best friends is incomparable to anything else. A guaranteed recipe for a memorable and spontaneous adventure :)


A and B said...

I hope you have a fabulous time in Costa Rica with your friends!