February 27, 2013

One LONG commute to work today...

I'm not the type to give up a precious day off work to recover from a holiday (I mean what if I want to use that day for a long weekend?!). So if my flight arrives before noon (which 99% of them arrive before 9AM), then I'm going straight to work. Yes even if it means coming straight from a Costa Rican beach, through the jungle by bus to San Jose, to a layover in New Jersey, then across the Atlantic to Amsterdam, then to border control, a train, a metro and a ferry. Even if it does mean that my flight lands at 7AM and I'll have to put up with a full 8-hour work day after 16 hours of traveling (seriously). 

I can sleep later.

After one long-ass commute, my work day starts right now. 

Home Sweet Holland.
Winter 2013-0604


nancy said...

Wow! So much respect for that! Holland looks so beautiful - I can't wait to get there one day.

Alli Campbell said...

I'm exhausted just at the thought of that! Love the Amsterdam pic, too :)

Lily said...

Rachel, your dedication to an action packed schedule amazes me!