April 4, 2014

Airbnb Hong Kong - our tiniest one to date

Hong Kong is expensive...especially in comparison to our 6 month backpacker budget. Gone were the days of $18 beach bungalows in Thailand and we were looking at paying a good $25 (EACH!) for a dorm room with 10 beds....ugh.

Well...Airbnb to the rescue!! I was stoked to find this private room in an apartment in Mong Kok, a local area of Kowloon, right off of Ladies' Market. 

At only $40 per night, it was a steal! The location was perfect--we could get anywhere we wanted in Hong Kong super easily especially since the metro was literally 30 seconds away.

We found a dumpling restaurant down the street where we happily visited each day for breakfast/lunch each day.

The hilarious part was that this private room was tiny...I mean really tiny. But what should we expect? Some neighborhoods in Hong Kong are the most densely populated IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. 

The other hilarious part was that the granny of the family slept in the hallway. So each night we arrived back home, granny was sleeping nearby ;).

This was a great place to stay for a few days. Would we stay for longer than that? Probably not. But hey we only paid $40 per night for a place to sleep and that's all we were after.

Perhaps on our next trip to Hong Kong, we will up the budget to have our own private apartment overlooking the harbor...kinda like this one ;).