April 15, 2014

Hyehwa area in Seoul

After a few days staying in Hongdae, we thought we'd explore another part of town. A few readers said we must check out Hyehwa in Jongno-gu district so we decided to book our next right next to Hyehwa station.

Hyehwa (like the rest of Seoul) is riddled with universities except this neighborhood caters to all of the artsy/theater students. It's no surprise that Hyehwa matches the crowd. Live music, tons of theaters, murals on the wall, creative statues and benches...Hyehwa is just plain cool. 

It was also only one metro stop from Gwangjung Market where word on the street was that this was the place to go for Korean pancakes (pajeon) and rice wine (makgeolli). It was delicious but we were still back at one of those Korean BBQ places in Hyehwa the very nice night (because we're obsessed!).

You really can't go wrong with staying in Hyehwa or Hongdae!

Where to stay: 24 Guesthouse was great!! And they have locations all over Seoul
What to eat: Korean pancakes...and BBQ ofcourse
What to do: Korea has bangs for just about everything (private rooms for karaoke, gaming, movies, etc). We found a DVD bang in the neighborhood, rented a movie and chilled out in our own private viewing room watching '127 Hours.'

*Bring extra shopping money too...the streets around Hyehwa are lined with lots of cute clothing and accessory stores*