April 11, 2014

The touristy side of Seoul

Ok maybe we spent a good part of our time in Seoul drinking with Korean students in Hongdae, eating Korean BBQ and visiting all the tech stuff Christian desired, but we visited a few temples too thanks to my friend Carly and her handy travel guide since she had spent a year living in Seoul teaching English. 

For 10,000 KRW, we got access to 5 of the major temples around Seoul, which was quite a bargain. Seoul was on the verge of Spring so the air was crisp and the cherry blossoms were juuust starting to bloom.

One of the highlights of our time in Seoul was meeting up with an old friend from highschool: Sam. He treated us to dinner in Gangnam (mmm hmm yes the same as 'Gangnam-style!') and we met up with another Korean-American friend of his and ordered endless bottles of soju (the local liqour). 

The atmosphere of Seoul, of Gangnam, the coolness in every person walking by us was on a completely different level. And we thought it was kinda neat that we basically saw ZERO tourists during our 9 days in Seoul.


Jane {In The Pink & Green} said...

We went to that sample temple when we were in Seoul - we took a tour through the airport while we were on our layover home from Thailand :) I loved how colorful it was!

Unknown said...

Oh man, I can't even imagine Christian's face when he finally arrived in Gangnam... A dream come true haha!