April 7, 2012

Happy World Pillow Fight Day!

Yep! WORLD PILLOW FIGHT DAY! Awaken your inner child, grab an old pillow and time to battle! Pillow fights are taking place in cities all over the world today, check here to see if there’s one near you…and if not, it’s never a bad idea to ambush one of your friends when they’re least expecting it :).

Here’s some pics from last year’s pillow fight in Dam Square in Amsterdam! It was way too much fun…


Jenna said...

This looks incredible! You got such great photos of all the fun :)


Alex, Speaking Denglish said...

unbelievable! how fun is that!

Sarah said...

Just found your blog; I was an exchange student in Finland as well! I was in Turku 06-07, right after high school! It's always exciting (and rare) finding other people who have experienced Finland! :)

kim @ a positive peace said...

omg, AMAZING!!! there is a day for everything, and i <3 that!!

Allie @ Between Dreams said...

Um, WHAT?! That's amazing!

So sad I am one day late and totally missed it *sigh