April 30, 2012

Mini Dutch Roadtrip on a Warm Cloudless Day

Yay Monday! And HAPPY QUEEN’S DAY! Possibly THE CRAZIEST DAY of the year in Holland IS TODAY. We’re out and about dressed head-to-toe in orange partaking in Queen’s Day festivities in Amsterdam, which will involve plenty of boats, wandering through the canals and street parties. As the days keep getting longer and the sun peaks it’s little head out, I’m reminded of the most beautiful day I’ve ever seen in the Netherlands a couple of summers ago. On that very day, Christian and I hit the road for a mini Dutch roadtrip to Kinderdijk, an outdoor spectacle of tons and tons of windmills—what doesn’t get more Dutch?! Well maybe tulips ;). On the way home we got an extra treat and explored a mysterious Dutch castle in the neighborhood and declared then and there that yes this was possibly the most beautiful blue-skied day in Holland—EVER!

Take a peak! 

Also, I’m so excited to be doing dual guest-posts today, check them out:

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Niken said...

i always want to go to Holland, especially to Giethoorn. i think i could live there forever. off to your guest-posts now...

kylie said...

hooray for TT! :)

kylie (of traveling triplets!)

Jill said...

Just came over for a look from Traveling Triplets. I love your masthead. I think it must be my all time favorite.

Anonymous said...

I moved to Holland from Italy in the beginning of January with my boyfriend. We have lots of places to visit, and Kinderdijk is one of the first ones on our list.

Fijne koninginnedag!!


Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

What faaaaabulous pics!