April 23, 2012

Weekend Adventures!

Why oh why must weekends be so short! Oh but it was such a good one--a street market Saturday, a sunny Sunday and drinks and banter with friends the entire weekend...

*I picked up a burrito for Christian and I from Tomatillo...a Mexican place here in Amsterdam with the most delicious tomatillo-habanero salsa in town and possibly in all of Europe! Right before escaping indoors for pure burrito annihilation, I got a little cuddle from the neighbor's gigantor-cat!

*I came home with an obscene amount of fruit, veggies and herbs from the street market on Saturday morning...still don't know what to do with that butternut squash...hmmmm...any ideas?

*We met up with a good friend of mine for drinking beers in the sun in Rembrandtplein, hopped off to a garden party at my boss' house complete with Mediterranean appetizers, cocktails and showing off the mystery-Dutch-fiance-of-mine to my coworkers ;). Then Christian and I made a split second decision to grab a late-night bite at Nam Kee before we went to a friend's house party by Westerpark...seriously such a fun Saturday!

*To cure Saturday night's festivities, we treated ourselves to brunch and a cozy wander through the canals...and guess what...it was a BEAUTIFUL sunny day!! And the best way to cap off the weekend was plopping a beanbag on the balcony, grabbing a pillow, playing some good tunes and soaking up as many rays as possible. I'm convinced that laying outside on a sunny day soothes the soul...that and chocolate...anyway, hope yours was a delightful as ours!

Dear sunshine, I'm so happy you graced us with your presence! And dear weekend, you were awesome :).
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stefanie hurtado said...

these are beautiful pictures! i'm dying to see amsterdam!

stefanie hurtado said...
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Jenna said...

YUM, loving all the veg, it looks so fresh! As far as the butternut, either:

*cube it, drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle with cinnamon and bake until soft and crispy

*cut into to halves, fill with diced tomatoes, onions, cheese, etc and then bake in the oven until butternut is soft

*cube, boil until mushy, and mix in pancake batter with a bit of ginger and cinnamon for the most delicious pancakes ever!

What can I say, I'm kind of obsessed with butternut, ha!


Rachael said...

yessss!! thanks jenna :)...i think i'll go for the cinnamon idea...although the second and the third sound way too delicious..or i could just pick up a few more butternuts and make all 3!

Anonymous said...

your market trip looks successfully delicious.

happy monday :)

xo bhrett

Bev said...

wine bottle flower vases... LOVE!!! super vintage and super adorbs!

Gesci said...

1. Thanks for your beckoning to summer a few posts ago, since we had GREAT weather for our visit, despite the dreary forecasts!! (We were there last Wed-yesterday).

2. Butternut squash is excellent roasted. Just chop off the top, bottom, then slice it into 2" blocks. It's easiest to cut that way (and peel with a sharp paring knife, like a harder melon). Then drizzle with any seasonings for savory, with a light oil, or just brown sugar/demerara sugar for sweet. Roast, eat, love.

Rachael said...

Roast, eat, love. I love that!!

Alyx said...

You found decent Mexican food in EUROPE?!?!? I'm amazed! I'm going to go to Amsterdam just for the Mexican! hahaha totally kidding - I think we're planning a trip there anyway.
Love all these photos!

LindseyC said...

LOVE your blog! So glad I found you!!!

Cait said...

I love the veggie pic!!
For butternut squash I like to steam it until soft, put it in the food processor and add butter and brown sugar. Soooo good!! Your blog is adorable.

A "cheery" disposition said...

Lovely, just lovely! I'm coming to your house to eat.. all that food looks so good!

Halley said...

What's the drink on the bottom middle?

Rachael said...

Cappucino! Bellini not pictured :)

LindseyC said...

AHHHH I am so jealous.... I miss concerts back home.... they are few and far between here in Valencia! Post about it pleeeease!

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

These pictures are FABULOUS!