May 11, 2012

Marrakech Pt 2: Exploring the Souks and Old City

I basically jumped out of bed as soon as the sun came up--we were in MARRAKECH and it was time to get lost. We had no plan, no map and no limits. First on our list was to check out the souks and do some shopping. Some slippers, two Moroccan lamps and several small trinkets later we wondered how we would carry this stuff back home! Dropping off our newly acquired souvenirs back at the riad, we wanted to see Jemma el Fna by day since we had seen it bustling at night on the previous night. Moroccan snake charmers sat in the square casting a spell on not one, not two, not three but sometimes four snakes at a time. We didn't get toooo close but I did let one of them drape a little snake on me :).

We found a chic Westerner type bar called Kozi Bar (thanks to Brigitte!) and enjoyed a couple of cocktails overlooking Marrakech talking about how perfect our trip was so far and that getting lost in the streets of Marrakech seemed too good to be true. But ofcourse we talked about what was next on our Moroccan adventure--THE SAHARA!

Our day in Marrakech slowly started caving in on us as we finished a 2nd round of drinks at Kozi bar and we knew the market in Jemma el Fna would soon be in full swing again soon. The square at night was teaming with energy the night before so we decided to hit the square again, but instead to watch the sunset over the square and grab a pizza (really Moroccan huh?! We were off to the Sahara for 2 days so Christian wanted a 'western' meal, but it was pretty delicious!) at a place Brigitte recommended. But almost immediately it was off to bed--by sunrise we'd be on our way to the desert :). And ofcourse we enjoyed yet another pot of mint tea at bedtime...Brigitte insisted...


Andrea D said...

The building in that last photo is beautiful! I would have been absolutely terrified of those snakes, though. I cringed just looking at the pictures!

kim @ a positive peace said...

awesome pics!! i just read all of your posts on getting to morocco and i'm so jealous and in love!! i love reading blogs about visiting places that not that many people go to (ok, so maybe they do, but mostly everywhere is europe!) and i've wanted to go to morocco for evaaaa. can't wait to hear about the sahara and see pics!!!

(also,i'd definitely be like, yes give me pizza before departing...pickiest eater in the world!)

SSMarrakech said...

You know, there are some really great pizzerias in Marrakech. The Pizza at Venetian-owned Casanova in Gueliz is some of the best pizza I have ever had...there is also excellent pizza at Catanzaro, a wonderful chalet style place, and finally there is "Maison de la Pizza" owned by an Italian from Rimini who used to make 1,200 pizzas a day and has just opened here in Marrakech.

From the concierge team at SSMarrakech