January 10, 2013

A Canal-side Christmas Toast

As a California girl living stateside, I spent most of my days wearing rainbows and soaking up the sun. Meaning that when it got below 75 degrees (about 20 degrees C), I was cold. These days though, I wear flats in the winter when it hovers a few degrees over 0—my cold radar has definitely changed. Lately it has actually been kind of “warm” in Amsterdam. Warm being about 50 degrees F (5-6 degrees C). My dad thinks I’m crazy. 

Being that it was so “warm” outside on Christmas Eve, I pitched the idea to Christian to find a pretty canal and watch the lights flicker off the water. In the summer, this is hands-down my favorite thing to do—sit on the side of the  canal, grab a bottle of wine and enjoy the view. A couple of years ago, it snowed on Christmas Eve (but I do love a white Christmas!) so this year we just had to take advantage of this “warm” evening, albeit a bit windy. Christian was up for the idea and it was Christmas Eve afterall. We poured a couple of glasses and toasted to the next year to come. 

This hour of dangling our feetsies over the side of the canal marked the most romantic Christmas Eve we’ve had to date. To add to the romanticism of the evening, we made a bunch of appetizers and watched The Big Bang Theory--Christian's obsessed. Girl gets canals, boy gets science geek comedy...clearly a win-win :). 

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas Eve!


nancy said...

Absolutely beautiful photos!

Jay said...

Funny how we get acclimatized so quickly!

I will never get over the gorgeousness of those canals.

Christine Rosko said...

I love these pictures. It looks absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!

Betsy Transatlantically said...

how beautiful! the lights on the water are magical.

Giovanna said...

Cute photos! Looks like such a fun night!

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Nicole Marie said...

oh my gosh how freaking romantic and european is that picnic on the canal!!!

Selene said...

amazing post!
love the sweet atmosphere...

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