January 24, 2013

Snow Day!

Last weekend, Amsterdam was covered with a blanket of snow. Thinking it could be the last snow for the Winter (and I'm pretty sure the canals won't be freezing over like they did last year...awww), Christian and I jumped at the opportunity to walk around the city and escape into a cozy cafe for some lattes. It actually doesn't snow that much in Amsterdam...it usually sticks for a few days then the rain comes and washes it away. Amsterdam is beautiful in the Summer (when it doesn't rain) and in the Fall when it's decorated in colorful leaves, but when snow flurries arrive it's absolutely gorgeous!

I wrapped myself in my new cozy scarf from Jeanelle and we hit the streets. Sights of a snow-covered city with bitter cold wind sweeping snowflakes through the air reminded us of the first few months of Winter we spent together in Finland. Which was perfect timing because It just so happened to be 6 years since we met in Finland.

Thanks for the snowy Finland-esque anniversary, Amsterdam :).
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mizhenka said...

Lovely photographs!

Suget said...

Oh my gosh, sooo pretty. I envy you sooo bad!
But afternoons walking and trying out cafe's sound like the best afternoons ever.

bibershally said...

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