January 1, 2013

Here's to 2013!

{Our gorgeous pics from Liz}

Yay 2013! I am so excited for this year. So what's in store for us?

-We kicked off 2013 with Christian's twin brother and his wife in a small Amsterdam bar flowing with beer inside and fireworks outside.

-It's my birthday in just a few weeks and I'll celebrate with Christian and friends all weekend long--pubs, cocktail bars, brunch, lunch, wining and dining!

-One of my best friends who I met in Amsterdam is moving back to Europe from Australia to live in London...not until she spends a week in Amsterdam with me first. And I think I'll be a regular on Easyjet's Amsterdam-London route :).

-My twin sis is throwing me a bridal shower Cali-style in February. She has a gift for throwing great parties...I can't wait to see what she conjures up! 

-I've missed my best friend's birthday for 4 years (shameful) so this year I'm making up for it...I'm treating her to a week in paradise and we're jetsetting to somewhere tropical and sunny.

-In May, Christian and I will join my mom and older sister for a long weekend frolicking around London, my mom's favorite city. Then we have a week in MY favorite city--Amsterdam :).

-In June, we're roadtripping around Iceland for 10 days with our favorite travel buddies Denis & Emma (past trips with them include Greece, Croatia, Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam!).

-In July, we'll be international wedding hoppers--we're heading to some friends' wedding in Poland then will fly to Cali to catch another friend's wedding in San Diego the next weekend.

And the best for last is--we're getting married this year!

But all the fun doesn't stop there, we've got HUGE plans for the end of the year...and we are so stoked about it

What fun things do you have planned this year?


Louise said...

Ah that all sounds so great! Enjoy enjoy enjoy!!! :)

Unknown said...

You have such a busy and wonderful year ahead of you! Can't wait to see it unfold.

Lily said...

HOORAY!!! Can I squeeze into your suitcase and tag along for some of these adventures?? The count down to your wedding has begun and I'm so excited!

See you back in Amsterdam soon! xoxo

Aspiring Kennedy said...

Enjoy Iceland...and getting married! Glad that made the list, too.

A and B said...

Those photos are STUNNING! I love the one with the travel book (I have that same book:)! Super beautiful!