January 28, 2013

Lazy Weekend

Christian and I just had the best lazy weekend. Although we got to do a few things like walk through the Albert Cuyp market on a snowy Saturday and eat Dutch poffertjes (mini pancakes!) for lunch, we basically got home on Saturday afternoon and spent all night and all day Sunday in our pajamas (the only effort made was by Christian to get fresh bread to go with homemade chicken noodle soup). Here are a few Instagram pics from our lazy weekend.

We now have a newfound love for lazy weekends...hope yours was a good one too! 

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See? Lazy weekend and our bed looking quite cozy...


Niken said...

love the view of the city!!!
definitely winter wonderland.
oh...i miss lazy weekend

Jay said...

We also had the laziest weekend ever --- there were literally gale force winds and rain so heading out didn't look very attractive. Instead we cuddled up on the couch, watched Homeland, Joe caught up on some work and I read a lot. It was nice... and needed!
Have a great week :)