September 23, 2013

Amsterdam Family

My gosh, how time has been flying! We are now down to our last 10 days living in beautiful Amsterdam. Am I getting excited for California? The wedding? The big trip? Everything coming up?! Absolutely! But lately, I can't help but focus on just how sad I am to leave Amsterdam--my most favorite city in the world. But it's not just that, it's also leaving the life we created here--the life we created from scratch. Not knowing anyone, not having work experience or a paycheck, not having a favorite bar or restaurant, not knowing even who I was to become in the years I have been living here. I've conjured up such great friends who have become my overseas family. How lucky I feel to have so many close friends who have contributed to my years in Amsterdam--people from Hungary, Slovenia, Italy, Australia, England, and so many other places as well as from the good ol' US of A! Tangent: but on the other hand, I wonder the world of possibility/friends/good times which is waiting for us over on the West Coast? for thought and perhaps worthy of a separate post, I'd say!

Something I never imagined was feeling a pull between two places--from my home in California and now feeling the pull from my home in Amsterdam. It's the limbo between California and Amsterdam and leaving a piece of my heart in each place.

I saw the above quote on Pinterest around the time I started feeling this way--and it cleared things up a bit. But will I ever feel fully at home again? Maybe. Maybe not. But if I don't, then atleast I know I will always have family in both places :). Encouraging me, laughing with me, drinking with me, celebrating me, consoling me and enjoying life with me.

Last week I joined a couple friends who are a part of this 'Amsterdam family' at one of our sneaky spots along the Amstel river. It's incredible how much fun a random Thursday night can be when you combine a couple of friends, a sunset, some bottles of prosecco, a tripod and a city view. I'm looking forward to filling up these last 10 days with each of the friends I've come to know and love in Europe...and savor every. single. minute with them. Miss you already, friends!
Holla at ya, Lily Wanderlust!


Sarah said...

This quote.. It captures a feeling that I am also so familiar with. (In fact it's done a much better job of describing what I was trying to say in this post

Good luck to you as you make these changes. It's impossible for these things not to be a bit heartbreaking, but that doesn't mean they will be anything short of amazing.

outlawnotahero said...

Oh man, that quote, and this post, is exactly how I feel. We've been living as expats in France for 3.5 years now, with another year or so to go, and I am continually homesick for somewhere. Sometimes it's for my hometown of Philadelphia, sometimes it's for Chicago where my husband and I lived before moving abroad, sometimes it's for here in France, even though we haven't left yet....if that makes sense. Keep your head up and know that you've got more adventures to be had!

Mar Ward said...

I absolutely love that quote and may have to steal it. I know exactly how you're feeling. We recently left Alaska after calling it home for 3 years and I am still struggling with it. I left a piece of my heart there, but know that I will always be able to go back. Best of luck with the move!

Nicole Marie said...

oh my gosh so excited for you guys!!! can't believe the time will be here so soon!

Sarah Shumate said...

Your photos are just absolutely beautiful! In August we spent some time in Amsterdam and fell in love with the city. I see why it's so hard for you to leave!