September 4, 2013

August, you're too good to us!

It recently dawned on me how ideal the entire month of August is in The Netherlands. The warm weather and late nights allow a plethora of outdoor events around town. These are some of our favorite events of the year.

So if you are in The Netherlands in August, be sure to plan your trip around these each of these foodie fairs/movie/festivals:

World Cinema Film Fest Openair - Over three long weekends, this film festival features foreign film viewings each night in the openair at Marie Heinekenplein or the Vondelpark Openair Theater.
Best part: it's free! 

Pluk de Nacht Film Festival - I'm obsessed with this 10-day event. They set up shop right near the water, sell Belgium beer, have a couple of food trucks and have cute beach chairs to rent. Arrive early and you can score a spot right in front of the screen. Each film night starts around sunset with a short film and a feature film followed by a DJ until past midnight. 
Best part: it's also free! 

De Parade traveling circus
Tons of food stalls, mini theaters every few meters, stringy lights and a make-your-own-poffertjes stand means this traveling circus the last 2 weeks of August is one of our all-time favorite Amsterdam events.
Entrance is 7.50 EUR...but well worth it!

Lounging along the Amstel River
Grab a BBQ, some friends and some drinks and head straight to the Amstel. People camp out on the edge of the water for hours and enjoy some of the most beautiful sunsets in Amsterdam.

Preuvenemint - one of the biggest events of the year in South Limburg at the very bottom of The Netherlands. Maastricht's main square, 't Vrijtof, is converted into a big foodie and wine extravaganza! Makes for a great weekend trip ;)

If you're not in The Netherlands in August, you're still in luck! Check out my guest post over at Eyes/Ears/Mouth+Lens for my 48-hour weekend guide to Amsterdam!
{Openair movies + ice cream...what else ya need?}
{Yumminess + theater at De Parade in Amsterdam}
{Preuvenimint in Maastricht}
{Sunset along the Amstel, Amsterdam}


Jenna said...

We have a South African lecturer who is doing his PhD in the Netherlands and he was just talking about how perfect it is during August! It sounds absolutely amazing... and I love that so much is free :) xxx

Nicole Marie said...

i love outdoor movies! ive been to the one in sf but it gets so cold at night its not that enjoable!